Sony Officially Launches One Sony “BE MOVED” Campaign


Kaz Hirai’s passionate CES keynote drove home Sony‘s ambition to deliver the “WOW” as a corporate philosophy. Today, the company has officially unveiled their new integrated brand campaign, One SonyBE MOVED“. The core of this campaign is focused on unifying electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music and Sony Mobile.


The campaign is set to feature a number of stories and interviews with Sony engineers that highlight the innovative products they’ve helped to develop. PlayStation is a large focus of the campaign. There’s a dedicated “PlayStation” menu wherein all PS products are outlined, and there’s also a great piece on Sony’s dedication to the PlayStation brand,

We believe that video games are an art form and those who create them, artists. For this reason, Sony gave game designers early prototypes of controllers so they could give our engineers input. The result is DUALSHOCK 4, a controller built with the game first in mind.

The company will likely elaborate further on how they plan to unify their portfolio for the consumer, but the site is undoubtedly a huge step forward for Sony’s future aspirations.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • ace-meza


    • dave

      The PS4 has been more successful than anyone could imagine, it has broken all sales records.

  • twinspectre


  • PlayxBox

    Make a PS4 that isn’t BLOD and then we’ll be WOW

    • You suck

      Says the guy who never owned a PS4

    • Steven Solidarios

      Go kiss Microsofts sack little man.

      • Steph

        Mad much lol don’t feel bad about ur ps4

        • Steven Solidarios

          My day one PS4 is operating just fine. As are the day one PS1, PS2, and PS3. Can’t say the same for the Xbox, and 3 Xbox 360’s though.

          • cusman

            My original PS3 died and my original Wii died. Both my Xbox and X360 still work. But within my friend circles, the X360 has the highest failure rate.

            I just used my PS3 more than anything else. My 2nd PS3 is still going strong.

    • Steph


  • DNA

    Sony and their marketing campaigns are pure gold. They are consistently knocking them straight out of the park one after the other.

  • Dakan45

    If i got this right this is about the controller.

    Big deal if i have to praise a controller, it will be the screen controller on wiiu or the steam controller. Sony overhypes dualshock 4 like it will change gaming.

    • The site is about their overall ambition to innovate and do what’s necessary to deliver great products. Did you skip the video @dakan45:disqus?

      • Dakan45

        yeah i didnt watch the video because from the thumb it looked likea japanese ps4 commercial.

        Ill be honest innovation isnt the stongpoint of either of the 2 consoles.

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          Yeah but we can say which company has done more to be “innovative” throughout the years. Seems to me that after software Microlo$t has been playing a game of catch up….

          • Dakan45

            while i am a pc gamer, ms has innovated onthe functions of xbox one, the problem is no one wants those specific innovations.

        • Well, if you look at the big picture, PS Now and Remote Play on almost every game, combined with dedicated Twitch streaming is pretty innovative compared to PS3.

          • Dakan45

            it is one of the reasons i am thinking of buying a ps4,but for that to happen this feature must first be finalized, no point prasing a feature that allows you to play some selected games in some specific countries with lag.

    • tarbis

      A screen controller that’s resistive and not capacitive and a controller that has buttons all over the place. Yep, innovation at it’s best indeed.

      • Steph

        Tis why ps4 stinks, no innovation

        • tarbis

          Indeed. That’s why the PS4 has already beat the Wii U in it’s lifetime sales and the Steam machine will be following the Wii U too. Bec, the controller is not even bundled with any of them. LOL!

  • Damian Wayne

    The DS4 is a truly remarkable controller. It is really quite comfortable to use, the trackpad is a great feature and having full game audio pumped out to any headset I choose is golden.



  • Cody Glisson

    im not wowed due to backward compatability

    • Colonel Sanders

      Wat. Both the XBone and PS4 lack backwards compatibility. The PS4 kinda makes up for it with it’s streaming service.

      • Cody Glisson

        I know that but I meant to say was it sucks u cant put ps3 game disc and pay it and download times suck

  • Steph

    Lame lol

  • Ritsujun

    On the other hand, Microsofie might sell off the Xbox division.

  • Guest

    More $0N¥ lies, overhype and underdeliver. GTFO of business!

    • demfax

      Stop spreading fanboy FUD, lies, and hate and get help. It’s not
      healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video
      games on them.

      You are mentally diseased and evil.

      You are evil.

      You are evil.

      You are evil.

      You are evil.a