PlayStation UK Boss On Vita’s Plight: “Do I Need It As Well As These Other Things”


It’s no secret that the PS Vita faces a daunting task; competing with a variety of multifunctional mobile devices that also offer gaming. In a recent interview with VG247, Sony UK’s Managing Director, Fergal Gara spoke about some of the reasons Vita’s adoption rate has been sluggish. Namely the fact that people tend to ask the question, ‘Do I need it as well as these other things that are taking my money?’

Honestly it was a question that deterred me from buying the handheld outright; that and it’s price point. It’s simply a hard thing to justify needing. Now that Vita’s library is on the mend and PS4‘s remote play capabilities are present, it’s an easier decision for someone like myself. But I consider myself part of the core audience Sony’s PS Vita has been targeting since it launched.

Trying to stick the Vita into a casual gamers’ hands is a completely different scenario. The precise controls that Vita’s dual analog sticks offer are trivial to those that play games on smartphones and tablets, as is the trackpad.

Having said that, it’s quickly becoming clear that the Vita is considered a great device to publish ports. Maybe a greater selection of games that were historically played on PC only will help get the Vita into the hands of more core gamers.

In all reality its going to probably take another price drop, more exclusive content and overall software support for the device to really find it’s footing. The more Vita has going for it, the less you have to ask yourself if your REALLY need it.

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Dylan Zellmer

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