Obsidian’s GDC Game Reveal May Be A “Ground Breaking” Next-Gen Title, Could Be Fallout Related


Yesterday we caught wind that Obsidian Entertainment would be revealing a new title at GDC 2014. Beyond that we had only speculation to go on. However, after tooling around Obsidian’s job postings, we think we have a better idea of what will be revealed at GDC. The posting in question is for a UI artist. The first paragraph of the listing mentions that the title in question is undoubtedly next-gen. From there, our juices get flowing.

First off, Obsidian’s Twitter account lists their active projects that have already been confirmed, or are close to shipping. First up is the heavily delayed South Park: The Stick of Truth. Also mentioned is Pillars of Eternity, which was funded via Kickstarter and is starting to really take shape as of late. A lesser-known project in the studio’s pipeline is Skyforge, an MMORPG that’s being developed in conjunction with Allods Team. Speaking of Skyforge, all of the other pronounced jobs the developer is currently seeking seem to be for that project, as many postings mention work on an MMORPG.


From there we have to speculate as to what the studio may be working on. The phrase “ground breaking” is used to describe the UI that the concept artist is responsible for creating. One of items that’s listed as a plus would be an understanding of typography, something very central to the Fallout series. Typography is one of the vehicles used in the franchise to drive home the feeling of America’s Cold War era.

The only other real fact that we can ascertain from the listing is that the UI artist needs to be proficient in Flash and Scaleform. Scaleform is a UI that’s used in many titles like Crysis 2, Singularity, and more notably the post-apocalyptic series Borderlands. Based on the use of Scaleform in Borderlands, it’s possible the tech could be used to develop a new look for Fallout‘s Pip-Boy. The many functions of Borderland’s AI include RPG elements, setting mission priorities, and even setting map markers. Many of the same features are included within Fallout’s Pip-Boy.

It’s also completely possible the studio could introduce a brand new IP, maybe even a new crowdfunding project. Their impressive portfolio spans stealth-action, dungeon crawling, and even turn-based strategy, but one genre tends to link all of their efforts; the RPG.

Whatever ground-breaking next-gen title the studio announces at GDC, the industry will be better with it than without it.

Source: Obsidian

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  • Moonfish

    C’mon, two articles on Fallout 4 and Obsidian, rumors coming out of nowhere, two days in a row…

    Fallout 4 must be in development for a long time by now, and it can’t just start now. They just finished their South Park RPG… seriously.
    Plus, they said on Twitter that they won’t be making any Fallout for now (but can’t tell for… “after” – Like Fallout 3 by BGS “then” Fallout NV by Obsidian.)
    It’s well known that Bethesda Game Studios are working on the next Fallout title.

    Please don’t just write random posts about rumours you start yourself just to generate some fake hype. Please don’t play with people’s feelings, we already got too much in the past months.

    • Well, the main title pertains to a next-gen title reveal at GDC which is basically confirmed by process of elimination. Unless they’re revealing Skyforge to the U.S. market. I have deep suspicions BGS is working on the next Fallout as well, but Pete Hines wouldn’t confirm or deny that. The meat of this article is about the studio developing a next-gen title that’s described as “ground-breaking”. The Fallout 4 caveat is simply a possibility as well as a hope.

      • Phasmatis75

        Fallout 4 is in development at Bethesda and started during Skyrim like Skyrim did during Fallout 3 (it’s their method). Fallout 4, would likely be a West Coast game and while I don’t rule out that they are working on a new Fallout game I suspect it would be a named entry instead of a numbered.

        That said,I don’t think they’ve had enough time to have flushed out a full Fallout title so soon.

  • C2B

    It’s not Fallout 4. I’m the guy who found the article in question and they said before that it wasn’t Fallout 4.(It’s also not KOTORII)

    This contract got signed in december 2012. The only other thing that is strongly hinted at is the use of Cryengine 3.

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  • Counterproductive

    Alpha Protocol 2, please.

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  • Necro

    It isnt Fallout. However after the BGS Fallout comes out, i really hope they throw a bone to Obsidian and allow them to make another Fallout. Fallout New Vegas was the better of the 2 and one of the best RPGs of the last decade. I really hope they get to make a New Vegas 2 or something. Also, i really want to see more then 1 Fallout this 8th gen. I hope to see at most 3 but at least 2.