Techland: Dying Light’s Movement “Makes Going Back To Other Games Very Difficult”

Dying Light Free-Running

We’ve seen, and know, plenty about Techland‘s upcoming title Dying Light. The free-running game mechanic, dynamic day/night cycle, and visceral melee combat make the title one of my most anticipated games of 2014. I recently had the chance to talk to Dying Light Producer, Tymon Smektala about the project at length. I asked him what feature the studio was internally most excited for gamers to try, and his conflicted yet confident answer really stuck with me,

The answer is both extremely easy & extremely difficult. It’s difficult, because there are lots of cool things we’re really proud of, lots of things we’d like players to see and experience – the day & night cycle and the way it changes the gameplay, the openness of our character progression system, the idea that you can approach all situations in game in different ways… On the other hand, the question is quite easy –


I’m sure that no matter how successful Dying Light is, players (and other developers) will remember the game by the freedom of movement we will give them. When you play a first person game and you’re not confined by corridors, walls, fences, etc., it really is an experience that not only opens your eyes but also makes going back to other games very difficult. Mark my words on that!

Smektala is convinced players will fall in love with the freedom Dying Light’s movement offers. It’s easily the defining factor that sets it apart from the studio’s past zombie-related series Dead Island. Based on what we’ve seen, and the buzz surrounding Dying Light, the free-running mechanic is easily the most talked about gameplay feature. Here’s hoping that the slick movement system and the gameplay opportunities it opens up will deliver what Smektala refers to as an eye opening experience.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • DarthDiggler

    Brazen confidence from a developer that used an emotional trailer to get people to buy a typical action zombie shooter.

    This does look impressive but these guys have a good deal to prove.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    This is exactly what happened when I played Halo 4. I played through and when I went back to play Halo 3, I just couldn’t do it because the latter’s movement is so restricted compared to how freeflowing they made Master Chief’s movement in Halo 4, if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

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  • ezeht

    prove what- Both dead Island games was great. I tweaked the graphics to run in dx10 and they ran like a top with all maxed out settings. What other zombie games can you compare them too- sorry left for dead codwaw nz- what- suck azz resident evil games. DI games was not typical- you must not have played them- maybe your game is Skyrim or Zombie Driver or something maybe Dota. Dead Island games was great- are they my fav or best games ever- no- are they as suck as most- hell no. I will preorder Dying Light and Hellraid. I will wait for Titanfall and The Division to be in a bundle with 9 other games for 5 bucks because they have no sp game and I do not like to play or be bothered with other people.