Skyrim Isn’t Coming To PS4 And Xbox One, Announcement Email Another Hoax


It was reported yesterday that Bethesda had listed Skyrim for PS4 and Xbox One, which was true, sadly it was in error. Pete Hines of Bethesda clarified that the listing was “just a bug from a CMS update we did. 00/00/14 got entered in blank fields and caused this to appear. Sry for confusion.”

He also dismissed the email about an upcoming Bethesda announcement on 12.01.14 as just another fan hoax, much like thesurvivor2299. It’s unfortunate that so many fans are being tricked by people who seemingly have nothing better to do than create false hope. In light of the sheer number of emails that were sent to Bethesda fans, I’d argue that a question still remains; How did the people behind the hoax gain access to that information?


It seems as though we’re mostly doing this to ourselves, Bethesda doesn’t typically prescribe to “viral” marketing. As Hines also stated “We promote things we do. This is another hoax.” The internet is pretty much the wild west, so you have to be careful what you believe, many times it’s just a tall tale.

I feel that there’s some unfinished business here. It seems strange that someone could easily gain access to Bethesda’s email list and send such a large scale hoax out to so many subscribers. We’ll follow up with Bethesda on that note.

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Dylan Zellmer

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