Michael Pachter Forecasts Titanfall Sales And EA’s Expectations For The Title


News surrounding Titanfall has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride in recent months, but one thing is certain; people like to talk about the game. Rumors that the title is still struggling with 720p resolution on Xbox One spurred on feverish discussion and the hotly debated maximum player count news seems to indeed be a polarizing topic. With all the smoke and mirrors surrounding the title, I felt the need for some more grounded speculation, so I reached out to Wedbush industry analyst, Michael Pachter.

As far as Pachter can tell, Titanfall is poised to sell between 6-10 million based on critical reception. He thinks the title will end up with no less than an 80 Metacritic score, which would land it at the low end of his projection. If the title soars into the 90’s, it’s likely we’ll see near 10 million in sales. His exact quote:

My best guess is 6 – 10 million units, depending upon the game review scores.  If it gets above a 90, it will likely be at the high end of that range, below an 80, at the low end

Furthermore, Pachter is confident that EA is expecting sales in that range. With the proven pedigree of Vince Zampella and Jason West at the helm of Respawn, I have no doubt that the low end of that projection is likely.

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