Double Fine’s Broken Age Release Date Confirmed


For those of us who didn’t get in on that sweet Broken Age crowdfunding action, we can expect to see the title release on January 28th. For those that did back Broken Age on Kickstarter, the Beta for the title will begin next week sometime. The initial release date for the title was set for October 2012, but it was later determined that the funding from Kickstarter wouldn’t fully cover development.

The decision was made to break the title into two releases. The first of which will be releasing January 28th with the some of the sales proceeds filling the gap in the development budget. The second half is due sometime in Spring. Broken Age turned a few heads and proved to be one of the few bright spots of Spike’s VGX awards late last year. As a result, Double Fine could be looking forward to strong sales outside of their Kickstarter backers.

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Dylan Zellmer

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