A Few Lesser-Known Facts About PlayStation Now’s Cloud-Based Infrastructure


Back in August we reported that Sony was bringing in Rackspace (OpenStack) architects and developers to support GaiKai in the creation of their cloud-based gaming service, which has been officially revealed as PlayStation Now. Rackspace is widely known as one of the industry’s leading authorities on cloud computing. The team developed OpenStack in conjunction with NASA to create an open, simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich cloud computing service for public and private organizations alike. At this point, OpenStack is utilized by over 132 countries worldwide.

The combination of a seasoned game streaming service like GaiKai, whom provided game streaming through retail giant Walmart (If you’ve tried a live game demo at the retailer, you’ve tried GaiKai’s service), and the technical expertise Rackspace, should provide a solid foundation for PlayStation Now.

The talented team behind PlayStation Now explains the many positive early impressions of the service. The Verge reported “a slightly perceptible lag” during their hands-on time with PlayStation now, but they also described the streaming gameplay as “impressive”. The fact that Sony let press have hands-on time with the service even before heading into open Beta means that they are immensely confident in its success.

Only time will tell if the service becomes a viable and precise game streaming option. What we know about the engineers and developers behind PlayStation Now helps us maintain a positive outlook on its future. Based on the talent behind PS Now, the service is poised to be one of the first successes in the world of high-end game streaming.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • ilovegoogleglass

    Lol I thought drones hated the cloud….

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • ilovegoogleglass


        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • uloveMS2muchfanboy

      We got a console that is cheaper, and more powerful then the Xbone in hardware, have the best first party developers, and now, AFTER the PS4 came out, Sony is adding more features(that are actually innovative btw, not just fucking AI in the cloud) then MS will ever add. The xbones cloud gives it dedicated servers which all PS4 games have anyway, and what else? developers can use it to ofload an extremely tiny amount of proccessing? Sony is going to make the PS4 backwards compatibly, alow me to play any PS game on my fucking TV, and even a tablet. Meanwhile MS’s innovations are the AMAZING KINECT 2!!!!! And HDMI in(LOL).

      • Zenmn

        Innovative is buying another company that the service for several years? A company that had competition before it started (OnLive)

        It’s basically a remote desktop to a virtual machine, something that has been used in IT for DECADES.