GabeN Considers Valve’s Relationship With Gamers A Partnership


It’s well-known that the PC community harbors a very collaborative mentality. If you’re part of any gaming community that has a large PC population, you’ll see people working together to get the most out of their gaming experiences, troubleshooting issues, exchanging new ideas, and even working together to mod some of their favorite games. Gabe Newell of Valve identified the strong communal mentality among PC gamers and has created a fantastic platform for users to connect, collaborate, and even make a living. Newell was recently asked about Valve‘s relationship with their customers. His answer reflected the fact that he sees Valve as less of a storefront and more of an open platform for the PC community,

So, for us, it’s a lot easier to realize that the experiences we create for people are really a collaboration between all of the members of the community. This sounds a little bit touchy-feely granola, but it’s pretty concrete: When you have kids making six figure incomes making art assets inside the framework that you created and they’re able to sell digital goods and services around the world, it’s pretty concrete that you have to recognize that you are in a partnership with your customers. It’s always a collaboration.

We’ve heard this sentiment from Newell in the past. He’d mentioned sending Steam community contributors end of the year W-2s in the six figure neighborhood. It’s great to see that GabeN sees the amazing value that the community brings to the table.

We’re interested to see what Valve has in store this evening at CES 2014. They may very well introduce a brand new tool set that empowers the PC population even further.

Interview source: Washington Post

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