Nvidia Doesn’t Even Acknowledge The Wii U Exists During CES 2014


Nvidia took the stage to talk about a large array of topics during CES 2014. From streaming PC games on the Shield handheld, to their brand new 92 CUDA-core Tegra K1 processor. While talking about the rising budgets and risks game publishers and developers face in today’s industry, they presented a graphic to illuminate their talking points. The basic precedence that brought this graphic to light was the dilemma developers face when trying to reach the widest audience possible.

If you take a look at the image (above), you’ll see that both mobile and home console devices are represented. In particular, Nvidia chose to showcase the next-generation of gaming consoles ie. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and….no Wii U.

The act of not even mentioning Nintendo‘s console suggests Nvidia harbors some sort of disdain for the platform, or possibly doesn’t consider it powerful enough to mention in the same breath of Sony and Microsoft‘s newly released consoles. What’s more, it seems that tablets, smart-phones, and desktop PCs are all shown.

This is indicative of Nintendo’s current situation. For the most part, third party developers have ceased production of Wii U versions of their titles, retailers are ordering less product, and Nvidia doesn’t consider the platform worth mentioning. Nintendo has fallen on hard times.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Jason Mounce

    🙁 Poor Forever alone Wii U

    • Losyak

      I felt really awful clicking the upvote button

    • Guest

      Just like you and your $0N¥ PauperStation Foul.

      • Jason Mounce


  • Jan Compaf

    wiiu is not next-gen thats why

    • Andrew Clear

      What is the definition of a Generation? Their isn’t a Next Gen anymore, only the current and past gens. Wii U kicked off this Gen, and then Sony and Microsoft followed.

      I guess the 360 wasn’t last gen, since it came out more than a year before the PS3 and Wii.

      Also, you can’t say that a gen is defined by specs. Before the launch of the cloned consoles (and yes, the PS4 and Xbox One are almost identical, and share most of the same architecture), every system had different architecture and specs. I guess the PS2 wasn’t part of the Xbox and Gamecube generation..

      So, yes, the Wii U is part of the generation with the Xbox One and PS4.

      • aeris bueller

        When someone says something is ‘not next gen’, specifically with talking about a system with hardware similar to the previous generation, they are talking about the specs. No one looks at every upcoming tablet or android mini-console and says ‘next gen game console’. Or if they come out with one of those wii or atari knockoffs or game collection consoles in 2014, no one will call it ‘the latest entry into the current gen of game consoles. Next gen is shorthand in game culture to describe something that has a generational leap in power timed roughly with the console release cycle. This is typical comment fare for a wii u article though, for nintendo fans and apologists (not saying you are one) It seems semantics are the only argument available or the wii-u being a next gen console.

        • Andrew Clear

          Wrong again. That definition was just created for this console generation, in order to leave out Nintendo. If we use a definition based on specs, then the 360 and PS3 are 2 generations ago, the Wii U would be the previous Gen, and the Xbox One and PS4 (or clone boxes as I call them) are the current gen. And, yes, the Wii U is a better box (spec wise) than the PS3 and 360.

          The Wii was part of the previous console generation, and it wasn’t trying to compete with the 360 or PS3’s specs.

          So, no, specs do not define a generation. I am not a fanboy, I am a gamer. I have also been a gamer before the NES came out. I have been through several different generations of consoles, so I do know what the definition of a console generation is.

          Young Sony and Microsoft fanboys, who do not even know what a console really is, are the ones who attack and dismiss other companies. The current systems (not including the Wii U) are not true consoles. They are glorified PCs that hook up to a TV. Can call them a steam box without steam.

          Previous consoles were engineered for gaming purposes. The way the memory was mapped, and functioned, would not work in a PC, but was perfect for a console. I don’t expect most gamers to understand this, but if you ever study console engineering and coding you will learn the difference.

          • aeris bueller

            In a line of 100 gamers, if I were to say to them, “what do I mean when I say wii-u doesn’t look next gen?”, I’d guess at least 75 (being very conservative here) would know exactly what I mean, but if you want to ignore gamer slang and expressions to try to make a semantic point, feel free. Also I didn’t say it was just about specs, my exact words were:

            “Next gen is shorthand in game culture to describe something that has a generational leap in power timed roughly with the console release cycle”

            Also, I develop gamedev middleware as a career, I’m well aware of the state of console gaming. All consoles ever were just computers in a box. Using parts closer to off the shelf PC parts is just making things easier on developers, which in turns means better games made more quickly, and less compromise on cross-platform.

            Again wii-u is behind the curve here too, so you have two reasonably powerful easy to program new consoles, and then the less capable, more difficult to program wii-u, with it’s smaller audience. That’s why devs are jumping ship and no one considers it relevant. It’s not some mean-spirited conspiracy.

          • Andrew Clear

            Consoles use similar parts, but they do not function the same as their PC counter parts. They are engineered differently.

            Hmm, I don’t believe you have coded middleware for consoles. Wii was the easiest of last gen to code for. The Wii U isn’t really difficult, and they even have Unity based dev kits for it.

            The PS4 and Xbox One are far more easier to code for than the PS3, and they are very similar to PC coding, which will be there downfall in a few years.

          • aeris bueller

            I don’t code for consoles, our middleware is used at dev time (not real time). Regardless of whether you believe me or not, google: “wii u most difficult to program for” for a few other devs’ opinions. Being similar to PC coding is fantastic for everyone, I can’t even see a downside, let alone a downfall.

      • twinspectre

        This gen is the 8th , so Wii U , PS4 and Xbox one are part of the 8th Generation

      • Jan Compaf

        you are delusional , by your logic , wii>>>PS3/360 , PS1>>>wii/GC and so on

        • Andrew Clear

          Wii, PS3, and 360 are in the same generation, but they don’t share the same hardware specs.

          PS1 is no where near the wii/GC generation wise. The GC is with the Xbox and PS2.

          PS1 would be with the Jaguar, Saturn, 3DO, possible the N64.

          Dreamcast should be with the PS2 generation.

          • Jan Compaf

            wii is in the PS2 gen and DC is not from nintendo , no wonder nintendo is failing , with blind fanboys like you

          • Andrew Clear

            I’m not a nintendo fanboy, and DC was from Sega, I know. I owned one. I said the DC should be with the PS2 generation, not that it was from Nintendo. You turning it around and saying it was from Nintendo really makes it look like you don’t know how to have a debate.

            Their is no possible way that the Wii is in the same generation as the PS2. You have just now made yourself look stupid. The PS2 released in 2000, or early 2001. Before the Xbox and GC. The Wii released in 2006, right alongside the PS3, and after the 360. If the Wii is in the PS2 generation, does that mean that the GC is in the PS1 generation? Retard.

            The Wii is in the PS3 and 360 generation, and only a Sony or Microsoft fanboy like yourself will not admit it. Guess you can’t deal with the fact that the Wii beat your precious device.

          • Jan Compaf

            im turning it around? you brought in the DC not me , we were talking about Nintendo not SEGA , no wonder nintendo is going downhill , not only you are ashamed to admit you a nintendo fanboi but you also blind and delusional , stay down kid

          • Andrew Clear

            I was talking about Consoles, in which Sega used to make. So, bringing in Sega, to talk about console generations is a valid point, and one that destroyed your arguments, and that is why you are so defensive about Sega and the DC being brought into this conversation.

          • Jan Compaf

            wii is a nintendo console no? the original post i made is about wii , now go spin it one more time

    • Duke Dukington

      You’re right… it’s actually current Gen… same as ps4 and xboxone… give this fool a cracker. *face palm*

      • Andrew Clear

        It is current gen. The sheep are walking to the slaughter.

        The real question is, why are we even talking about what console has better specs? What console is winning this imaginary war?

        The main reason, is that we don’t have any new for games anymore. Not as many games are being produced. At the moment, the Wii U is better, just because it has games. That will change in about 2 years, when the PS4 and Xbox One will have more games than the Wii U.

        I have a PS4, and Wii U. Right now, I play mainly my PS3 and Wii U. Can’t really play the PS4, since it doesn’t have the games that I enjoy on it yet.

        How about we go back to the good ole days of gaming, and talk about games, not about what the games run on. That is irrelevant.

        • aeris bueller

          actually, those of us old enough to remember every console war in history know this isn’t new, the same thing happened in the supposed golden age of nes,master,genesis, and snes. Gamers will battle verbally for their team just like sports fans do for theirs. I think it’s fun, and it’s fine. usually the one’s getting upset about it are the one’s rooting for the losing team

      • Jan Compaf

        then PS1>>>GC

  • Mario

    Waiting the day (soon) that we can sync Wii U with our PCs. Imagine the possibilities.


      Hackers have ready reverse engineered the WiiU’s controller to work on a PC. Wouldn’t mind getting one already “jail broken” so I could jam on one on my PC!

  • heavenshitman1

    So, how’s that “Shield” doin’ nVidia???
    Maybe that’s the device that should be omitted of all recognition…

    • Howard Katz

      The Shield is a failure and half baked. I sold mine.
      TEGRA 4 my arse.

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  • Howard Katz

    what’s up with Tegra 4? What about Terga 5?…this is crazy.

    Oh yah..i love my WII U!!

  • jonam

    Well, the treatment from Nvidia is justified. Actually the Wii U looks like it was released to play catch up to last gen consoles.

    • aeris bueller

      8 years too late

  • stealth20k

    ” For the most part, third party developers have ceased production of Wii U versions of their titles, retailers are ordering less product, and Nvidia doesn’t consider the platform worth mentioning. Nintendo has fallen on hard times.”

    That actually isnt true at all. Nvidia has always hated Nintendo.

    • cell989

      thats not true, its Nintendo s inability to get with the times that has limited their 3rd party support. They are fixed on a 10 year old goal that no longer makes sense in todays videogame standards

      • stealth20k

        Thats even more ridiculous. Considering they are numnber 1 on software and hardware sales this year out of the big 3, you need to shut it

        • admiralbuddha

          what number 1 in software and hardware so you need to shut it

      • mustbepbs

        Third party support < Third party collaborations

        Nintendo knows how to play the game. They've been around the longest and isn't going anywhere. Just ask the 3DS. The thing tops the charts every single week.

  • Duke Dukington

    How the hell you managed pull a Wii U troll article from this image is astounding. They didn’t show a 3DS, Vita, SteamMachine, Oya or whatever else either… Should I make an article about how they hate leprechauns because they didn’t show any pictures of them either? Christ, you’re a dumb cunt. Maybe they thought showing 2 of the ‘current-gen’ (get with the times, dummy) that’s CURRENT GEN – machines was enough on the graphic to represent their message in the infogram… … … and maybe that’s all. You complete wanker.

    • aeris bueller

      Nintendo fanboys have alot to be angry about nowadays.

      • Duke Dukington

        Yeah, like having to constantly put up with mentally challenged weirdos who stare at unrelated presentation slides after overdosing on magic mushrooms and suddenly have the epiphany “this slide totally means Nvidia hate Nintendo and think the Wii U is a piece of shit – I must immediately report this on the internet.”

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah, like playing games that are actually fun and not FPS number #50 Now With 50 More Shades of Brown.

        • aeris bueller

          I hate fps #50, I’d much rather play mario #100

          • mustbepbs

            So would I, actually, since it’s bound to be a well crafted game that tries to innovate in controls, power ups and level design.

            Unlike FPS#50.

          • aeris bueller

            I’m honestly bored of both fps#50 and mario#100, and assassin’s creed #30. Any of this annual sequel churning is boring to me as a gamer. Been totally sick of military shooters for years. But Nintendo fans are the biggest hypocrites about it for always mentioning fps’s. Mario, Zelda, and Metroid have been whored out year after year for way longer than Call of Duty, and it’s no less pathetic.

        • Jan Compaf

          Logic dictates that you are a mad nintendo fanboy , therefore your “opinion” is irrelevant.

        • disirspect

          50 shades of brown…

        • NeoMahi

          I have to agree with the FPS part. Microsofts praise to Sony for their success was launching with a bunch of FPS games– that Microsoft didn’t do so, how is that good? Sony knows better. While Shadow Fall is good, Sony is capable of so much more. Nintendo and Sony have sheller and capable first-party studios but Nintendo needs to use them and be more creative in developing new IPs. Saving the Princess Peach from Bowser and Zelda from Gannon and Ganondorf can only be repeated so many times. Look at Sonic. He’s practically begging to be put out of his misery. But I agree with this guy.

  • NeoMahi

    NVidea is still bitter they lost their bid to AMD and lost their business with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. I guarantee it will NEVER happen again. Until then, they’re going to pitch a fit and try to destroy the current gen. That’s what happens when you take a toy away from a spoiled brat. Not only did they lose business to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but as many games aren’t marketed as NVidea being the way to play, no, optimization is going to AMD (started with Crysis 3 that always promoted NVidia) so NVidia will act like children and whine and cry.

    • Dakan45

      how they ae bitter when they were asked first and declined by saying the margins they got last time didnt worth it.

      Is nvidia stupid doesnt nvidia know that they gonna go to amd afterwards?

      Nvidia has praised pc growth since 2010. Its nothing new, nvidia makes more money than amd, sony and ms make from their consoles/pc hardware.

  • Escopablobar

    I don’t know what kind of assumptions we can draw from the presentation slide regarding Nvidia’s opinion of the WiiU but industry consensus (Epic, Crytek, Dice) supports a lack of faith in the hardware capabilities of the WiiU. It looks as if Nintendo missed the boat this time around. The hardware and the Nintendo ecosystem cannot support the next gen aspirations of the big studios. It just can’t. Patently underpowered, with a fan base that cannot see beyond the words Zelda, Mario or Donkey Kong.

    • Duke Dukington

      Funny. CryEngine 3 is confirmed as running ‘beautifully’ on Wii U … And while UE4 hasn’t had the same confirmation, Epic themselves detail UE4 as “scalable” – even to mobile phones.

      • Escopablobar

        There are currently no games (announced or rumored) in development for the WiiU from the aforementioned studios. Just because Crytek has proof of concept regarding platform scalability we cannot assume that actual software support is forthcoming. Think about it. Why wasn’t Crysis 3 released for WiiU? Also why have both Dice and Epic gone on record disparaging its power proposition? Beyond that the publishers know they will never recoup their investment because Nintendo fans will only support Nintendo first party. Shoot, take a look at the sales performance of The Wonderful 101…shame. The same thing will happen to Bayonetta. The Nintendo ecosystem is just hostile to all 3rd party software regardless of the quality.

        • Duke Dukington

          You spoke about engines and the wii u hardware not being able to handle them. Which as I pointed out – is false. Crysis 3 was ready to ship on wii U when EA stepped in and said they wouldn’t publish it because of something to do with business viability. The Shadow of the Eternals game was another game being built for Wii U on Cryengine3.

          Your argument was about Wii U hardware not being viable for this new Gen engines, don’t switch the argument in to sales argument. Go and buy a Wii U and help the sales. You’re part of the problem or the solution.

          • Escopablobar

            Both of my comments refer to the Nintendo ecosysystem and its exclusionary culture. When I speak of aspirations in the first comment I am indirectly speaking to the issue of third party “business viability” with my “fan base” comment. Forgive its vague nature. In my second comment I attempted to expound upon and clarify my argument.
            1. There are currently no games (announced or rumored) in development for WiiU from Crytek, Epic or Dice.
            2. Developing an engine does not mean Crytek studios will support the console in house.
            3. Shadow of The Eternals (as cool as it looked) failed to garner enough support from the Nintendo community during the kick starter which forced the project to go multiplatform for a short period and finally its cancellation along with the shuttering of the studio.

          • Duke Dukington

            It’s pretty clear what you wrote. English is my primary language ” industry consensus (Epic, Crytek, Dice) supports a lack of faith in the hardware capabilities of the WiiU.”

          • Escopablobar

            ” Lack of faith in the hardware capabilities”…never said anything about engines not working. I can have a lack of faith in an airplane’s ability to fly but that doesn’t mean it won’t or it can’t.

            I am not trying to be antagonistic. I just want to clarify what I have said.

  • David

    Or maybe they ere going for something thematic and didn’t want to show a white console alongside a row of black.

  • Duke Dukington

    Tantalus Media – developers of a little game called Mass Effect 3 – are starting work this month on their next AAA game and are actively recruiting for positions. Their job listings detail ‘Wii/WiiU development experience” as desirable.

    Write a story about that and stop being such a useless waste of skin.

    • dranicite

      where are you getting your information about mass effect 3? google mass effect 3 go to the wiki and find tantalus media. What its not there? hmm go to the website for tantalus media, not there either? but they list every game they have made all the way back to the GBA generation. Why could that be? hmm because Bioware made the mass effect series and Bioware made Mass Effect 3 (EA produced it).

      but otherwise i would agree tantalus media made great games.

      • Duke Dukington

        Sorry, that should read developers of ME3 on Wii U. They (also known as Straight Right) work with EA on ports (so far historically) on wii u. So, unannounced AAA multiplat port heading to wii u.

  • TheChatWraith

    Nvidia has no stake in Nintendo. Every console on there has consulted with Nvidia at some point, and some have used their technology. Nintendo hasn’t. Why include it?

  • snyps

    troll articles are the new cheese

  • Simon

    Maybe they did not mention the Wii U as Nintendo never stabbed them in the back like MS and Sony did.

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • Serialmania

    Nvidia sucks. I prefer AMD. Cheap and good.

  • Duke Dukington

    ALL 4 OF THE GAMES SHOWN IN THE IMAGE … … … ARE ON WII U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Derp derp derp derp.

  • SykeMed

    No disdain (way to jump to big words), it’s just that Wii U is not a next gen platform where graphics are concerned and not a market nvidia is aiming for.