A Steam User Has Spent Over 3K On Steam Winter Sale Badges


Steam user PalmDesert is on a mission to acquire every single Steam Winter Sale snow globe. So far, he’s spent over $3,000 trying to complete the 10 distinct sets of game-inspired snow globe collectibles. Titles like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Payday 2, Warframe, and others are represented. If you’re unfamiliar with Steam; there’s a very large and dedicated community within the service and an open marketplace for trading and purchasing collectibles and in-game items. Valve collects 5% of each sale. That means Valve has collected $150 in transaction fees simply for facilitating the sale of these specific collectibles to a single user.

It’s this type of consumer insight that has made Valve the predominant platform for delivering PC games digitally. Previously, Valve’s value has been estimated to be anywhere between $2-4 Billion. The company remains private, and doesn’t disclose hard numbers, but Valve boss Gabe Newell commented that the service saw a 50% increase during 2012, and continues to net new users everyday.

Steam Sale Snow Globes
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Dylan Zellmer

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