SEGA Is Toying With Our Shenmue 3 Wanting Emotions


A large band of Shenmue fans have been flooding SEGA and PlayStation with a short list of demands on Twitter as of late. Things like #giveyutheshenmuelicense and demands for Shenmue 3 and an HD collection of the first and second installment are becoming more than commonplace for whoever administrates SEGA’s Twitter account.

Today, on the brink of the new year, SEGA decided to fight back; and it was dirty. The publishers official Twitter account rang out at 10AM with an incendiary image of Ryo Hazuki driving what looks to be his vehicle for Sonic & All-Stars Racing. What does that license plate say? SHEN3 of course.


Who knows what the future holds, but as of now, there’s still been no publicly announced movement with the beloved IP. On the bright side, we’ll get to see Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny at GDC at the Shenmue Post-Mortem panel.

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Dylan Zellmer

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