Cases Of Faulty Xbox One Kinect Sensors Mount


There’s been tons of issues reported since PS4 and Xbox One have begun finding their way into the homes of gamers worldwide. Some of which are yet to be confirmed, and others are well-known, like PS4’s blue and red lines and Xbox One’s BD failures.

Another issue that’s been steadily on the rise are failures with Xbox One’s Kinect sensor. Some users are reporting that their Kinect has gone kaput on them in a variety of different fashions; many of which were spurred on by differing circumstances. After the sensor goes dark, a persistent message that reads “Kinect is unplugged” appears on their Xbox One dashboard. If you’ve had your Kinect unplugged for any reason since picking up Xbox One, you’ll know this notification well. This issue has been confirmed by Xbox Support and an FAQ is available to attempt a quick troubleshoot if you run into the issue.

A relatively lengthy thread of reports exists on the Xbox forums. Users within the thread are also claiming similar threads exist elsewhere. There’s no indication as to how widespread this issue is. It seems to be somewhat isolated, but if Xbox Support has gone far enough to create a FAQ for the issue, it may be more substantial than some other issues that have been reported.

For now, treat this issue as minor. We’re reaching out to Microsoft to see if they have any kind of failure rate available for the Kinect sensor, and will update if we’re given further information.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Dennis Crosby

    This is an old issue that has been reported before the release of the Xbox One when the review versions was out

    • That’s exactly the reason why I didn’t report this as a new issue, just a steadily rising one.

  • Kenny Stimmel

    its more widespread then most think. mine died 3 days after opening my box.

  • Mark

    Staff at Best Buy were saying that about 50% are failing.