Steam Holiday Sale Day 10 Highlights


UPDATE: Prices have already dropped considerably on many of the titles listed. Saints Row IV now sits at $19.99 and Rage at $4.99. Deadpool saw the largest cut since day 10 launched, the title is now selling for $9.99, a 75% savings.

The Steam Holiday Sale 2013 continues with day 10 of savings. Ready up your wallet, today is a pretty good selection of titles on sale. New flash sales are abound as well. Check out the newest titles to get deep discounts.

Daily Deals:

Saints Row IV: $33.49 33% savings

Torchlight II: $9.99 50% savings

Dust An Elysian Tail: $7.49 50% savings

Godus: $14.99 25% savings

Deadpool $29.99 25% savings

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: $7.49 50% savings

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition: $9.99 50% savings

Garry’s Mod: $4.99 50% savings

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: $19.99 50% savings

Flash Sales:

Gunpoint: $6.69 33% savings

Shelter: $3.99 60% savings

Evoland: $4.99 50% savings

Rage: $9.99 50% savings

Like always, check back every 8 hours for new flash sales and every 24 for new daily deals. Voting is open once again for Community’s Choice; choices are DiveKick for $2.50, Injustice: Gods Among Us for $25.00, or King of Fighters XIII for $10.20. Get onto Steam, grab some great deals, and vote now!

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