Call Of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Boasts Highest Multiplayer Count Yet?

CoD Ghosts Multiplayer PS4

After checking around for solid numbers of concurrent players for Call of Duty : Ghosts on the PS4 platform, we found little to no confirmed information. On the other hand, after scouring gaming forums, social media, and social gaming platforms like Raptr the highest concurrent player count for the PS4 version we found was around 50K.

Which sounds quite low, especially after a seemingly insane holiday rush to secure the coveted next-gen console. However, that number seems to have grown by more than 50% today. When signing into Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 this afternoon, the number seems to have hiked up to over 77K. Which is more indicative of the fact that Ghosts is the highest selling game on the PS4.

Have you personally seen anything higher than 77K on PS4, how about Xbox One? Numbers on Xbox 360 and PS3 are likely considerably higher at this point, but the recent spike in multiplayer numbers are a great indication as to how quickly next-gen is being adopted.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Dave

    the PS4 concurrent count on COD Ghosts has grown to over 85K after Christmas – pretty impressive.

    Although the next gen consoles are selling extremely well (particularly the PS4), it will take some time for them to have a really big user base. Combine that with all the other new games that early adopters can play, this means that the concurrent user base will not match PS3/X360 for some time. But by next year I expect both PS4 and Xbox1 to have sold many more millions of units – then you will see really big player counts for the next COD.

    • Dennis Crosby

      Honestly this isn’t impressive as a Cod fan ghost is one of the worst in the series and for the ps4 to have limited games you can only expect some sort of high count of players. Last time I checked the Xbox 360 version peaked at 500,000

  • Jordan

    i seen higher number than this screenshot from a live stream recently