PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets Several New Screens


Capcom has posted several new screenshots of its PS4 exclusive title Deep Down. A variety of new character models and environments are shown throughout the new selection of screens. At this point, the free-to-play, randomly generated dungeon crawler is high on our 2014 watch list. The title is continually showing new looks, and seems to strike a balance between Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls. Unfortunately, as of now these images aren’t high-res, we’ll post larger one’s if and when they become available.



Capcom has stated a Beta is planned for early 2014, most likely prior to the launch of PS4 in Japan. How high is Deep Down on your 2014 most anticipated list? Does the free-to-play nature of the title have you excited or worried? We’re waiting to hear more about the intriguing title when Capcom is ready to share new information.

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Dylan Zellmer

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