Sony Releases Trailer for Kingdom Hearts II.5 ReMIX


Since the announcement back in October that Square Enix would be doing a follow-up to Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX (which included the first game in the series, Re: Chain of Memories, and the cinematic scenes from 358/2 Days) we’ve been waiting to see what the next installment would have. We already know that the second title, also an exclusive for PlayStation 3 (an interesting decision, given that Kingdom Hearts III was announced as a title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4), is set to include an update of Kingdom Hearts II, a console version of the PSP title Birth by Sleep, and cinematic scenes from Re: coded. However, now we have video showing us some of the game play and the videos. While the game play is from the Japanese development, the cinematic takes are HD re-renderings with the original voice acting from the games in question.


What is best about this is that it seems like they’re doing it as a lead-in to Kingdom Hearts III, considering the planned release. While this is just an early step in the development, it seems that the game mechanics that they used for 1.5 ReMIX are going to be the same in II.5 ReMIX. The only annoying aspect of this is that while it seemed that the choice to only take the cut scenes from 358/2 Days was because it was never released on a console system, it is now clear that its exclusion and that of Re: coded from actual game play is because they were not released on Sony systems. Still, this should have many people who were forced to give up their PS2 to buy a PS3 quite excited.

SOURCE: The PlayStation Blog

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