Respawn Reportedly Having Trouble Maintaining 720p With Titanfall


Reliable sources within the gaming industry persist that Respawn Entertainment is having trouble maintaining 720p resolution on their anticipated FPS Titanfall. The report doesn’t specify which platform the claim pertains to, but the dev is allegedly awaiting a driver update scheduled for January.

Titanfall runs on a heavily modified version of the Source Engine. If the studio is having trouble keeping the title at 720p even now, it may explain their silence during earlier 720p claims.

Titanfall is scheduled for a March 11th, 2014 release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in North America.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • HyperionLight

    “Reliable sources”

    Do tell, was it perhaps someone banned from NeoGAF?

  • You are flat out wrong


  • Jack Slater

    Only an american patriot( pleonasm) will buy an xbox one and spend 600-700$ , for playing at 720p, like on the x360.
    And then, the guy will argue it is the best system ever, with the best games and sales, and controlling the system with voice and having half the surface with a TV panel is the best invention ever. Of course, the lineup is the best ever, and the upcoming games will all be in 4k, once microsoft releases some magical drivers. Of course, these guys are happy with the numbers microsoft announce, which are always *Sony sales + 5%*
    They are so happy they can use Skype for free, once they buy a gold subscription, of course. And the power brick is the most sexy device, according to a poll, and 10000 girlfriends/ wives.

    Microsoft thought they would release a 720p console, use the scaller and say it is 1080p native. But no, not this time. Not everybody swallow everything microsoft say. Clearly, excepting simple games like football or NBA, all the other games have a hard time keeping 720p. People and crappy journalists/humans and liars like sessler can be used as a tool, to calm people down and defend microsoft, they can paint it like they want, it won’t change the reality. And the reality is the xbox one wasn’t build to output 1080p60fps games, like killzone shadow fall, that the american press tried to kill, with ultra low scores. Even a dead rising 3 game, with just more zombies at the screen,can hardly display 720p and keep 20-25 fps.
    If microsoft had wanted to handle 1080p , they would have used at least 64 mb of esram, instead of 32. With 64mb, not only the total bandwidth would be much bigger, but devs could easily display 1080p. But with ddr3 and only 32mb of esram, it’s clear they were aiming 720p60fps with ultra HD textures, scale it to 1080p, and call it 1080p native.

    Killzone shadow fall already showed what the ps4 can do. Next infamous second son game will certainly use 50% more power. And once the first bombs start being dropped, like uncharted 4, and hundreds other amazing 1080p games get released, with final AMD drivers that let devs access 100% of the metal, instead of maybe 20-30% now, and once devs start using the pool of 6+ GB of gddr5, and start using the 64 ACU ( current PCs only have 2), as well as all the ps4 specifications and custom chips, we will start seeing some truly amazing stuff. Meanwhile, microsoft will be lying, saying the xbox one is sold out even in mars and Jupiter, will say they sold 300% more consoles in north america than Sony, and will announce 45 billions of zombies were killed in dead rising 3, and 20 million combos were made in killer instinct.

    Meanwhile, the xbox one will be struggling with the 720p resolution, but fanboys will keep on defending the system on forums, like they do now, and since 2005, and sessler will have published 650 articles praising the xbox one voice commands, kinekt, etc, and will be giving 5/5 scores to every single xbox one game. And of course, he will claim the xbox one is the most desired device ever, and every american should buy one, because the ps4 can’t do TV TV TV sports TV.

    Seriously. american people: you are smart, right? You buy a new console for much better games and graphics, not for watching TV, right? What’s the point of being patriot and idiots, and paying much more for much less, supporting a company that almost killed video games, and make you pay for everything, even Skype is behind a paywall. Why buying a new console and spend 700$(1 or 2 games and 1 extra controller), that already proved the entire world it can barely handle 720p, let alone 1080p60fps. Do you really want to have 2 exclusive games per year, until 2017, and play all the other games at 720p?
    How can you accept that? Fock the patriotism, and buy the superior console, even if it isn’t an american brand. Don’t listen to microsoft lies, and their tools, like sessler. Get a ps4, and enjoy the best games, on a system that will work +10 years, and will receive great AAA titles until the last day it is manufactured.
    The x360 won’t get any new games, microsoft won’t dare selling a game at 720p for the x360, and have it displayed near the xbox one version… in 720p as well. Meanwhile, ps3 gamers will receive tons of games these next years, and gamers will have hundreds of games to discover, thanks to psn+.
    Microsoft already did it with the first xbox. The same will happen with the 360.
    Forget the next halo and gears. Titanfall is already struggling at 720p, with forced 6vs6 players joke. What more evidences and reasons do you blind guys need?