Newly Reported Xbox One Power Brick Issues Locking Up Consoles?


First off, this is an issue reported on a forum, but for the most part, NeoGAF is considered a reputable source. On top of that, this user is simply asking for feedback from the community, and nothing more. User Chiggs has reported a loud clicking and/or grinding sound coming from his Xbox One power brick. The issue is reportedly occurring in tandem with his/her console freezing and requiring a reboot.

The gamer has reached out to Microsoft customer service and has been told that they’ll need to ship the brick out and have it test defective prior to a replacement being sent. The process is said to take two weeks or longer.

Based on the short commentary, the bed-ridden Gaffer was hoping to have his mini Christmas miracle to enjoy while he/she dealt with a herniated disc during the holidays. It’s an unfortunate situation to say the least. This issue has yet to be confirmed, and we’ve reached out to the GAF user to see if they can supply a video documenting the issue, but it sounds like they are having trouble staying upright in the first place.

As far as we can tell there’s no troubleshooting method listed on the Xbox One support FAQs. This may very well be an issue affecting a very small number of consoles, or possibly an issue that hasn’t been reported prior to this.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • dirkradke

    I don’t have a XB1. Does the XB1 power brick have a fan? If it does – the fan could be malfunctioning or not spinning up fast enough to keep the brick cool or it could be a malfunctioning sensor that tells the power brick is in standby mode, normal mode, etc. Either way this is probably exactly what Microsoft said – send it back and we will replace it if broken.

    • TJ

      yes it has a fan in it like the 360 brick had one

  • Sony Fanboy


    So a single user has a defective power supply for his Xbox One. And you write a blogging article implying that this is a systemic failure of power supplies on the Xbox One. Make no mistake, that is exactly what your click bait headline is implying. Amazing how desperate you must be for clicks.

    One user.

    One bad power supply.


    • Guest

      It’s $0N¥ PauperStation fantard desperation at its finest. You can see those poor paupers copycat their bad news attitude anywhere just to generate clicks from the rtarded N4G and NeoF AG crowd.

      • Jack Slater

        Stop talking and breathing, kill yourself and save the planet earth oxygen, XaBOrT


    The fact that the system has an external PS Brick and is still bigger than the PS4 makes me wonder. Especially since there are reports of these systems burning up and smoking.

    I’m just glad I didn’t buy one and stuck with the PS4. I have the means to buy then both, but chose to stay away from the One.

    And a quick question to any “One” owner….. Do they offer an extended warranty and or an accidental replacement plan? If a company won’t warranty their garbage that speaks volumes about their “supposed” reliability. I damn sure bought the balls out 3yr accidental for my PS4 for $60. This way I leave mine on constantly and don’t have to worry all that much.

    I hope they hash out these issues so maybe one day I can buy one of the “Ones…..”

    • I own both. I’ve also bought into Sony’s extended warranty for the PS4. Nice that it’s located in the PS Store. Anyways, to my knowledge Microsoft doesn’t have an extended warranty explicitly for the Xbox One, but they probably have a proprietary Microsoft extended warranty for for their products in general. On top of that, I’ve had ZERO issues with my X1 and I’ve had it since launch.


        Of course with any warranty you’re going to be without your system for a short while regardless of how you look at it. It does seem as if Microlo$t has it down when they’re cross shipping systems with pre-paid labels. I couldn’t imagine waiting two weeks to get a response and then waiting longer to get a system back.

        I want both systems to have more games since that will be the definitive choice for most. On top of that these devs need to push both consoles as such so that we may truly see what they’re actually made of. So quarter 1-2 of 2014 should be a great time for us console owners.

        AMD better release support for their Mantle on consoles even though they’ve said they won’t do it, but I highly doubt they will let that fall to the way side. Tapping more potential power further into a consoles life cycle by other means than using smoke and mirrors devs have to learn how to use would be great. Plus to us for sure…….”hopefully wishing!!”

    • Jack Slater

      The xbox one, according to microsoft PR, was built to run 10 years, 24/7, always on, always playing,always listening, always watching. Otherwise, the NSA could need much more time, for analysing tr

      Of course, these statements about the xbox one being absolutely future-proof have been confirmed several times, by the xbox360 hardware designers. Nothing can beat experience.

  • Curtis Grant

    I had the same issue Christmas morning and what’s worse you have to pay to ship the power brick. Nice I she’ll out over $700 total and they want me to pay to ship. I returned the unit to B B with no issue…. Disappointed Consumer.

  • Manny

    I have the same problem with mine. I called xbox support and they told me to send them my power brick. The tech support also said that they have received 15,000 similar complaint. I’ve had 2 problems with my xbox one compare to none with my ps4. Looks like I will be buying more ps4 games.

    • Sorry to hear that, 15K similar complaints? That seems to be a rather high failure rate for the Xbox One power brick. We’re reaching out to MS for some comment.

  • pissed@microsoft

    My power brick failed 10 days after getting the xbox one and im currently fighting with them to get the shipping refunded total crap that i have to pay that when i had it for 10 days and there excuse is its normal wear and tear and that i broke it

  • ST

    Sorry but there is more than one user who is having this issue. I’m having the same issue with my power supply. Many people are unsure of what to do as this console is so new and the issue reports are still coming in. The only option we have right now is to either contact Microsoft or go to the place where you purchased the console and hope that you can return it on the holiday return policy.

  • Ihatesony

    I hate Sony – had a PS4 and it literally exploded… My house was destroyed and the controller burned my hands beyond recognition. The explosion was so bright I have blindness in one eye and I have lost my hearing due to the blast. I have also lost my sense to taste anything sweet. I think this is because I was eating a Twix bar during the event.

    After buying the Xbox One – I now have a girlfriend, I got a 100K/year job and I feel pretty good about myself. I sure hope my brick doesn’t blow up like the ps4 – long live Microsoft – Bill Gates is the man…

  • Brett Kohli

    the always on feature will burn out the brick – happened to me – still works but a really loud fan noise is coming from the brick – it is on its way out

  • Brett Kohli

    Microsoft has an extended warranty in the store online

  • Allen Jones

    I’m having the same issues. I believe I’m going to order the power supply and go from there you can get a new one for about $40.