The Crew May Be Delayed Until Fall 2014


Not so recently, Ubisoft announced delays for two of its largest upcoming games. Both of which happened to be brand new IPs as well. Watch_Dogs and The Crew being delayed resulted in a drop of Ubi’s stock price, and forced the publisher to move some things around on their fiscal report. If a purported retail street date for The Crew is to be believed, the title may be coming just before, or sometime during September. A major retailer has it pegged for 8/31/2014. Which may, or may not be solid. Even street dates aren’t always set in stone, but they’re created due to information that’s been received from the publisher (Ubi).

The Crew Fall 2014

At this point Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed a release date for The Crew, so we’ll just have to keep this in the “grain of salt” column.

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