Rumor: Avalanche Studios Mad Max Releasing Prior To June 2014


Avalanche Studios have gone quiet about their Mad Max game since Gamescom 2013. Its initial reveal during Sony‘s E3 2013 presser didn’t offer much in the way of details. At Gamescom 2013 the studio was a bit more willing to talk about the title, hinting at upgradeable arsenals and persistent hostile weather patterns. We’re now months after the fact and it looks like the title has received a proper street date; 5/31/2014. Not only is the title street dated at a major retailer, but the purported date doesn’t fall into the normal “placeholder” date scheme.

Publishers will oftentimes set placeholder release dates at the end of fiscal quarters. Pretty handy for earnings calls etc. It’s also quite regular to see dummy dates set for the first of the month. This release date doesn’t fit into either of those normally utilized schemes. It’s also only one of the only titles on the document that haven’t had a proper release date announced as of yet.

Mad Mad Release Date

If this date is legit, than we’ll see what Avalanche is able to do in the post apocalyptic setting in a little over six months. For now, we’re looking at Mad Max hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC¬†around 5/31/2014. The 31st is a Saturday, so that’s probably not the exact date, but Friday releases have come and gone with PS4 and Xbox One. It’s more likely that we’ll see a 6/3/2013 release.

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