Amazing Frog? Ouya Review

Amazing Frog? Review

Developed by Fayju games, “Amazing Frog?” is a sandbox physics game that is only available on the Ouya. The game’s purpose is to get a high score, but underneath there’s more to discover about the game than what it makes itself out to be. Co-op is available in the game with drop in drop out functionalities as you can play with a friend via split screen. There are different packs you can buy to change the look of your frog and to add different items to the world each offering things to do to extend your time in the recreated city of Swindon. So, what is it that makes this frog so amazing?

The main concept of the game is that you’re a bipedal frog running around, flinging yourself at different items to rack up score in the digitally recreated town called Swindon, located in England. It’s a nice concept that can be expanded on in the future. Since this is only a physics sandbox game it’s fine that’s there’s not much to offer the first time around, but Amazing Frog? has potential to become something more as new content is added that keeps the experience fresh.

Amazing Frog? Review

Gameplay consists of taking your bipedal frog and crashing into items scattered around the world. This is surprisingly fun considering that there are a lot of items to clang into and interact with. But it feels limited as there are no “goals” or “challenges” to provide incentive to get a really high score; other than beating your friends score, of course. The game offers multiplayer split screen drop in drop out co-op so you can rack up score and compete with your friend in the same room. I was able to play this with a friend and we couldn’t stop laughing about all the random things we were doing. Such as just farting on each other with our frogs and finding different ways to cause mayhem in the game world. Despite the game not offering much in gameplay; the real fun comes along when you and a friend play together and find your own ways to have fun with it. There are also different costumes your frog can wear if you pay for them. Some of the costumes are pretty cool to wear but it’s only as a cosmetic effect. You can also buy additional content to add more options to the game such as getting the ability to launch out of cannons and getting guns to run around shooting up everything. The gameplay is fun but its main purpose is to rack up score and discover the ways to accumulate high scores which is a reward in itself despite it not having many options.

The graphics in Amazing Frog aren’t the best looking on the Ouya but I don’t think that was the main focus for the game. Which is completely understandable seeing as that every indie company doesn’t have all the funding in the world to make the best looking game out there.The graphics are fine but can use some tweaking to make the game run smoother. In my experience I rarely had any graphical issues as I was blowing up barrels and crashing into multiple things. Aside from the slight drop in frames per second at times the game functioned well during my time playing it.

Amazing Frog? Review

The sound in the game is interesting due to the fact that you hear the frogs feet slap against the concrete when you run and also your frog will fart from time to time. In my experience I didn’t really hear many sounds in the game when exploring around the recreated city of Swindon, England. However carrying around the boom box just to hear the soundtrack is really nice touch and personally I hope they expand on the music for the next game as it is a catchy original score that feels like its part of the 90’s era.

Overall Amazing Frog is a decent game with charm and comedic values to boast. Playing with a friend enhances the experience as well as you can take on the city together causing mayhem wherever you go. The concept has potential once it gets fleshed out more. They added extra content packs with the game to add more variety, which is a very nice thing considering how simple the game is. The graphics have some issues but nothing hindering on the gameplay. The game runs stable but small refinements can make the game run smoother. The soundtrack makes it more enjoyable while you play. Amazing frog is a game that has potential to grow. Amazing Frog? offers a very worthwhile experience to try out with your friends. Along the way you’ll discover new ways to rack up score and use your frog to cause chaos in the city.

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