Microsoft To Attend Meeting With President Obama To Discuss Surveillance


Since Edward Snowden came forward and exposed the CIA’s PRISM program, a number of notable tech companies have been lumped into the fold. Microsoft and Skype (subsidiary of Microsoft) were implicated as cooperating in the high-profile surveillance program. Today, President Barack Obama will ¬†hold a closed-door meeting with some of the largest corporations in the tech industry. The primary focus of the meeting is to iron out the disastrous launch of, but another topic of discussion will be about the breadth of government surveillance.

Microsoft has recently joined a coalition calling for government surveillance reform. The effort is in conjunction with Google, AOL, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. The website calls for global government surveillance reform.

The laundry list of tech companies, Microsoft included, will discuss the open letter that was recently issued to the White House and Congress about limiting surveillance. Will any meaningful reform ever take place? With the entirety of the coalition present at once, will Obama engage in a serious discussion on the issue?

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Dylan Zellmer

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