Google 2013 Searches: PS4 And GTA V Top Ranking In The US


Google has just released their 2013 trend charts. The trending chart is used to gauge what’s popular by compiling the top ranking searches on Google and ranking them by category. In the United StatesĀ PS4 and GTA V were #1 in their respective categories. In the Tech Gadgets group, the PS4 won out over the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 (s,c) and iPad Air. Globally, PS4 ranked third overall in the aforementioned classification.

On the video games chart, GTA V took home the top spot with Cookie Clicker, Atari Breakout, Candy Crush, and BioShock: Infinite rounding out the top 5.

It’s been a crazy year for video games. A year that likely won’t be replicated for some time. It’s to be expected GTA V topped their respective category, but PS4 taking home the tech title over Apple and Samsung’s devices was a bit of a shocker.

Source: Google

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Dylan Zellmer

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