EA Representative Argues That Battlefield 4 Isn’t “Broken”


DICE and EA have come under fire from fans and shareholders alike over the current state of Battlefield 4. As of now the team at DICE has been pulled off all other projects until the game is deemed stable for the large audience of players currently experiencing issues like multiplayer connection issues and numerous bugs and glitches.

A NeoGAF user has submitted his argument to the masses wondering if he was in the wrong for demanding a refund for a seemingly “broken” game. The term broken is about as subjective as you can get. The gamer wanted to return his open copy of Battlefield 4 (PS4) to EA for a new, sealed copy that he could then return to the retailer he initially purchased the title from (GameStop). The problem being that the user in question only had until 12/15 to return the game for a full refund. After sending out his open copy to EA he heard nothing. The tracking information on the package indicated the publisher received the package on December 6th.

After receiving no communication from EA, the gamer contacted the publisher. The rep he spoke to stated they had to communicate with the warranty department. Two days later (12/15), an EA representative called him back and confirmed a factory sealed game was shipping that day. According to the consumers account, the rep bullishly argued the fact that Battlefield 4 wasn’t “broken”. The direct quotes from the forum post are as follows:

Rep: The game will ship out today or tomorrow.
Me: That’s great but what about me returning it now my warranty is over?
Rep: Sorry we can’t give you anything cause you bought it through GameStop.
Me : they won’t take it back because it’s over the return period.
Rep: we can’t do anything sorry
Me: but Ea released a broken game and I want my money back because the product was not as advertised.
Rep: bf4 is not broken I play it all the time.
Me: but it is broken for me and numerous people.
Rep: nope it’s not a broken product.
Me: then why would Ea pull developers from other projects to fix a non broken game?
Rep: I know exactly what you are talking about the game is not broken it was to fix stability……

In the end the gamer becomes frustrated and begins to yell at the rep, which is never going to help. Then things become more about the argument than anything else, and you rarely receive your desired compensation. As of now it sounds like this consumer is waiting on a replacement copy of a game he wasn’t able to play, and may not be able to return to the retailer due to their return policy.

We know that EA has been refunding Battlefield Premium fees for gamers that have experienced issues playing Battlefield 4. It sounds like the publisher is trying to do right by sending a new copy out to the consumer, but the lag in processing time may have hurt him/her in the end. What’s more it sounds like the CSR at EA may have coerced the gamer into an argument.  Who’s in the wrong here?

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Merlins_Wrath

    Return it to Walmart they never question anything

    • I didn’t even think of that. As long as its wrapped, they could care less where it came from.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        No receipt required right if I do that?

        • Not in my experience. They just hand you a gift card for the value of the game.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            oh 🙁 well I have the retail copy of The Wind Waker HD and plan to return it since I just want to get it digitally in the Wii U Deluxe Bundle for it so since I can’t return it to GameStop since the idiot who was working there never gave me the receipt, I’ll have to keep it for now.

        • David

          They will check your Drivers License and put it in the system. I believe you’re allowed 3 no-receipt returns per year. I have returned products purchased from another store.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Good. This will make my first and only return for 2013-with the game still wrapped.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    why did they fix the kill trade again?
    I don’t see a problem with it.

  • DarthDiggler

    The game has issues it’s not broken. Peeps need to relax a bit.

  • chitown

    “It’s not broken, it just fails to work.”

  • anon

    one of the reasons why I will never buy BF4 and will play BF3..

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