Microsoft: “We Aren’t Netflix, We Aren’t Amazon, We’re A Different Animal”


Nancy Tellem has had a successful career in television. She’s worked as head of WB as well as the President of CBS. Now she’s working on delivering original content to Xbox Live. Tellem was initially attracted to Microsoft after noticing industry trends and identifying the new ways consumers were being delivered content.

As she worked to secure Hollywood talent, she had to explain how Xbox fits into the new world of digital content delivery,

“We aren’t Netflix, we aren’t Amazon, we’re a different animal,” she said. “We’re neither or we’re a little like them. It all depends. The lack of black and white and this is the template and this is what we’re following is very difficult. As we continue to do deals everyone’s going to get more comfortable.”

Tellem also concluded that her first slate of new shows would premiere in early 2014, “We’re hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter,” the process has taken a little longer than the experienced executive had hoped. Regardless, Tellem asserts that “I’m incredibly ambitious and impatient,”

As work continues on high-profile projects like “Halo” with Steven Spielberg producing, progress has been “slower” but, “reflecting on what we’ve done and what lies ahead, it’s been pretty good.”

With over 48 million active Xbox Live subscribers, Microsoft has a built-in audience to consume their original content. Here’s hoping that Tellem’s stance of “we’re trying to focus on whether it’s only on Xbox or best on Xbox,” doesn’t lead to the content reaching too far and missing its core audience.

Are you excited for original content to premiere on Xbox platforms next year? The content would likely take full advantage of Xbox One‘s many built-in entertainment features. Here’s hoping that the seasoned TV exec can make it happen.

Source: NeoGAF

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