Devs Weigh In On ID@Xbox And PS4’s Indie Programs


You may recall that we first broke the news about Witch Beam Games’ ID@Xbox dilemma. Afterwards, ID@Xbox director Chris Charla was quick to open up a line of communication on the subject, and we’re happy to have contributed to that. A while back we’d personally speculated as to which platform (XB1/PS4) would offer the best support to indies after they’d published their work to the platform. We reached out to a number of notable indie devs like Double Fine, Maxistentialism, Vlambeer, Witch Beam, and DrinkBox. After receiving our replies, we decided to collect them here to share with you:

Max Temkin (Samurai Gunn publisher, Cards Against Humanity) @MaxTemkin

Right now Microsoft and Playstation are both doing a good job going after indie games. On the balance, we’ve found that Playstation has been offering better terms and support to indie developers more consistently, and we’re planning to bring (Samurai Gunn) to the to PS4 and Vita next.

Graham Smith (DrinkBox Studios) @DrinkBoxStudios

Right now I expect that both platforms will do a good job of supporting indies post launch, and until we go all the way through the process it is difficult to say if one will offer better support than the other. One thing I can say at this point is that things have been great with both Sony and Microsoft.

Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) @tha_rami

PS4 has done a lot of things to showcase indie games at events, which is sort of amazing. At this point, we have too little experience with ID@Xbox to really say.

Sanatana Mishra (Witch Beam Games) @AndroidCactus

Based on their history I’d have to assume Sony will offer indies more exposure, Assault Android Cactus was on the main st Gamescom and featured in the PlayStation Blog despite it not even being an exclusive. That being said, we haven’t seen the full impact of Chris Charla and the ID@XBox program yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what 2014 brings.

The overall consensus seems to be that of cautious optimism in regards to ID@Xbox. The main x-factor being director Chris Charla’s ability to sculpt the program into something that indies really want to be a part of. Our estimation, based on historical facts makes us tend to lean towards Sony. A viewpoint that the many sampled developers tend to share. One thing is for certain. The ID@Xbox program, no matter how you break it down, is offering indie devs something they haven’t enjoyed on Xbox before; the freedom to self-publish. At this point, only time will tell which company will offer indie games more real-estate and coverage.

What do you think? What platform has supported indie devs more handily in the past, and what do you think the future holds on Xbox One and PS4?

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