Darkout; When Reviewers Receive A Beta Build For Review


If you’ve read any reviews for Darkout, you’ve probably noticed they weren’t stellar. This is likely due to the fact that the code sent to gaming outlets for review granted access to a Beta build of the game. So our review, and likely 99% of others don’t reflect the commercial launch version.



Due to unforeseen circumstances the Steam code that was sent to you previously for Darkout was not the full version of the game for review. There have been a number of reviews commenting on the game’s unfinished state, which was a result of you being sent the beta build and not the commercial launch version that is currently available.

Our review is indicative of an unfinished product, and it looks like many other reviews likely mirrored our perspective on the title. I was assured that consumers didn’t receive the Beta build when they purchased the title from online retailers like Steam.

Hopefully this comedy of errors is ironed out before the final word on Darkout is set in stone. We’ll do what we can to provide an update to our previous review, but its incredibly hard to reassign a game that’s already been reviewed, to the same reviewer.

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Dylan Zellmer

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