Samurai Gunn PC Review

What do you get when you mix samurais with guns, brutal co-op deathmatches, awesome music, and all in 8-bit glory? You get Samurai Gunn, an indie game by Teknopants. It’s one that could be easily overlooked; but I highly insist that you don’t.

Samurai Gunn’s concept reminds me a bit of the arena mode from Castle Crashers. The game gives you control of one of the five samurais as you fight it out with your friends to see who the best swordsman is. You hack and slash each other, with the occasional shooting of your gun. You fight in multiple environments, with traps across two game modes.

Playing in matches is fun, fluid and bloody. As I stated earlier, each person can pick one of the five samurais to play. Other than the color and different designs they are all the same. Then you go and pick an environment then you can choose a different variant of it. The variants have the same environment but with twists, things are rearranged, traps are added, less ground which makes it fun and challenging to fight on. Now while Samurai Gunn is easy to play, I highly recommend you to play with a gamepad. Playing on a keyboard with one person is fine, but with you being able to play with up to four people, and they’re all on the same keyboard it will be hectic. The keyboard uses a key to jump, shoot, slash and the arrows to move. Of course this can all be configured to anything you want. In Versus the first one to ten, wins. I’m not exactly sure what sets a sunset showdown but my friend and I played, and we both had ten deaths and I had nine kills to his ten, and the showdown happened. Basically you fight as the sunsets in the background, first kill wins. You can also change the settings of versus and have it elimination style with everyone only having ten lives. Samurai Gunn only has two modes, versus and survival. Survival is the same as versus but with a twist, there is an A.I. that fights against you as well as the other players as you all fight to see how far you can go across the environment and all its variants. With all of this said I wish there was an online multiplayer to go along with the fun local co-op. It seems like a missed opportunity to me. To go along with that there isn’t really any single player content other than survival as you fight against the A.I., so if you don’t have people to play with, things will get rather boring fast.

The graphics of Samurai Gunn are retro. It’s all in 8-bit, and that’s fine because it works. The samurai look different and the environments look great.

Sadly there is no plot to Samurai Gunn; it’s all multiplayer fun mostly. No story or backstory for the characters. The game would have felt more enticing if there was even just an explanation as to why these samurais are fighting each other.

The music in this game is very well done. From the main screen music, to the environments. It has an Afro Samurai vibe to it. It sets the mood for the bloody fights and the sunset showdowns. The weapons sound good too. With the clashing of steel and bullets and of course the sounds of your enemies being killed.

In conclusion, Samurai Gunn is one of the best local co-op games you can play on your computer. By going local only it hurts the potential it could have had by not having online. Two modes and no plot whatsoever also takes away from what this game could have been. All in all this is a great purchase with the old school vibe of a hack and slash co-op, it’s easy to play and get into, just make sure you have friends to play it with.

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