Best Buy PR: “We’ve Sold Many More PS4’s Than Xbox One’s”


This evening iGR covered Best Buy‘s Ultimate Gamers Showdown, Madden 25 tournament. I had the opportunity to speak to Sony, Xbox, and more importantly, Best Buy PR while spectating the tourney. While company policy prohibits stating exact sales figures of any product, I was given a general statement as to which next-gen console is currently selling better at Best Buy. On-site members of Best Buy’s Senior PR team stated, “We’ve sold many more PS4s than Xbox One’s.” The staff also noted, “Both products are selling extremely well.” This being Best Buy’s flagship store in Richfield, MN, less than a mile from corporate headquarters; I take these numbers as a general trend of nationwide sales thus far.

That fact was driven home by the sheer amount of next-gen stock that Best Buy had on-hand. The retailer had nine PS4 units (two of which purchased moments later) and over thirty Xbox One consoles in-stock. Another surprising revelation was that the Madden 25 tournament was being played exclusively on PS4 hardware. And yes, before another “There’s PS4’s in-stock” article is printed; PS4s and Xbox One’s were both available at Best Buy.

The fact remains that both consoles have sold over two million units since they launched. But Best Buy was just one stop I made tonight. I also visited my local GameStop before heading home. The CSR working when I arrived pretty much mirrored the statements from Best Buy saying, “We don’t have any PS4’s for sale right now, but we have about 25 Xbox One’s.” The rep added, “I get calls everyday from customers looking for PS4’s.”

In the end both Sony and Microsoft have enjoyed stellar console launches. How things stack up long-term remains to be seen.


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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • therealestmofo

    1 shop has extra xbox ones and you write an article to feed PS4 fans on n4g LOL wtf the world is a big place obviously in some towns itll go PS4 then X1.. its not going to be the same in each town.. not news.. just PStroll food lol

    • If you’d read the article fully, you’d see that Senior PR staff at Best Buy stated that the company has sold more PS4’s than Xbox One’s. That quote was referring to the overall, since they weren’t able to give out actual figures. The rep also stated that both are selling extremely well.

      • therealestmofo

        because 1 guy in 1 shop knows the entire stats of america LOL i doubt it.. its just food for trolls… not to mention its probably against many policies (maybe even laws) to share such information publicly… if it was okay theyd do it officially with cold hard facts..but they dont 😉

        • Well you’re definitely right about the second part of your argument. It’s strictly against their policy to divulge hard numbers. Broad strokes are another thing entirely.

          • Prime157

            Why do cold hard facts and personal observation keep you from acknowledging truth?

      • Johnny

        I wonder does this senior PR person have a name which managed to get left out of the article hmmmmmmm smells like bs to me.

    • Guest

      It’s $0N¥ PauperStation desperation.

  • Fzelly

    I talked to sr personal relations and also stopped and talked to the Gamestop lackie. Official numbers. The only people zelly talks to are his circle jerk troll buddies with his PS 4 ear bud stuck up his ass.

    • Seems legit

      • dirkradke

        Why is it when someone gives someone the best information they have, for what seems like an interesting story, because everyone is endlessly talking about it, a vote down? How does it really become a positive or negative answer? Does this make the people voting ignorant, stupid, opinionated or what? What does the Dzelly [Staff] dude think?

    • anthony

      calm down dude, do u really have to fanboy that hard.

    • Sammy

      Relax man. Why don’t you go find yourself a girl? In the end, getting laid is more fun than either of the consoles.

  • Fzelly

    How pathetic is one to check sales of consoles or make up stories like you did? Even the people at Gamestop are dissing you for being a troll. If Sony had a cock, it would be in your mouth.

    • Jamie Lawler

      I think sony has a vagina…

      • Guest

        Yeah, because they know Xbox One is going to pass them and they are crying like a little b*tch. That’s why they somehow proclaimed victory on the NPDs without providing any numbers. Pathetic little paupers they are.

      • Prime157

        And it’s mine for the taking!

      • hakesterman

        No, but everyone who plays PS4 Does. LOL

    • Xboner Tears Taste Delicious

      You xboners are an angry lot. I would be too if I bought a glorified cable TV box for $500 instead of the most powerful gaming and entertainment console in the history of mankind for $100 less, the PS4!

      Xbone Looooosers! Waaaah Waaaaaaaaaa

      • Tony

        Sonyyyyyy goin to bankruptcyyyyyyyy soon ! A company that’s been goin into drain year after year. Microsoft in the end will eventually fuck you up in the ass ! And then Sony lovers can keep their “PISS 4” console as an antique !

        • datdude

          Sure buddy. That must be why Microsoft is considering selling off their Xbox division. Keep dreaming that dream buddy. I’m sure it’s working wonders for you.

          • Andrew Clear

            That is funny because you are correct about MS thinking about selling their game division due to the fact it is losing money. Ironically, the only company not mentioned here (Nintendo) is the only console maker that is doing just fine financially. (Sony’s game division isn’t doing that great either.). I wonder if this is why Nintendo doesn’t partake in the console wars and just makes hardware that doesn’t bankrupt them while focusing on games to sell the hardware.

            At the end of the day it is the games we really care about more than the platform they are on.

            On that note, this console war that has been raging since last gen has been killing the variety of available games, and has ushered in the era of excessive sequels. It is sad.

        • ISeeTards

          hate to break it to you, but microsoft is rolling in money made from its fked up software programs not xbox. sony is losing money to shitty brands (like microsoft) that sells unfinished products and keeps selling more to fix shit that it should have had originally. other companies sell shit electronics for cheaper (of course itll only last so long) where as sony sells high quality for high (its meant to last a decade) and people are stupid will natural see identical stuff and go for cheaper..well thats a no brainer except the cheaper ones you spend more in replacements in the long run and everyone is too stupid to realize! soo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL sony is still better quality, and I doubt itll go bankrupt. people are ‘predicting’ they dont know for absolute CERTAINTY. so dont hold your breath retard

    • fzellyisanigga

      worthless fucking bot,go play your 720p machine

  • Lovecipher7

    well where is this store at cause I have been all over columbia sc me and several others and we have yet to find any xbox ones and soon as they get them they sell out instantly. So pleae let me know where you are located so me and my friend can come and buy those 25 xbox ones you have left.

    • Prime157

      Come to Ohio, we have a lot… sorry your supply chain sucks.

      • Johnny

        Your either full of shit or delusional.

  • Guest

    LOL, $0N¥ PauperStation Foul=lies, overhype and underdeliver.

    • Prime157

      Can’t believe you are still at it… I’ve been out if disqus for awhile now just to find your trolling lingo still around.

      I commend your stamina.. (insert slow clap)

    • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

      Why are you here making yourself look stupid instead of playing your console?

  • Hyndman

    They probably sell more Trojan’s than Durex but I know which one I prefer 😉

  • peterpansyndrome94

    its inevitable destiny. PS4 will purify the industry of SpyBox One 80 720p.

  • Andrew Clear

    Who cares about which one is selling better?

    When did gaming become everything other than the games themselves?

    • TristanPR77

      Now that the PS4 is selling better, suddenly “no one cares about sales”. I wonder if that would happen if the xbone was selling better.

  • hakesterman

    Yeah the Reason they don’t have nay PS4’s is because they haven’t received any since Black Friday. And those Xbox One’s you see their just came in less than 20 minutes ago and were Sold out within an Hour. Nice Try though.

    • TristanPR77

      I would like to know what part of “we have sold more PS4 than xbone” you didn’t understand. According to your logic is even worst because if PS4 is not available since black Friday they still sold more than xbone that is re stock more frequently.

  • dirkradke

    Both PS4 and XB1 have millions of sales already. I think for the PS4 it is a slight supply issue whereas XB1 has a slight demand issue. The PS4 doesn’t have enough units on hand in the United States and the XB1 allocated too many. If you read the actual sales numbers from the websites that keep track of such things the PS4 is doing better, but not by all that much. Yes, of course it is a lot for a individual, but not sales when it’s counted in the millions. I also suspect within the next 2 weeks ALL those in-stock XB1s will disappear the closer we come to Christmas. The real test will come in the next few months when the supply chain issues are worked out and both consoles are plentiful wherever they are intended to be sold.

    • TristanPR77

      PS4 doing better but not by all that much? Sorry but here on earth is another story, the PS4 is doing way better than the xbone and that is just on the US. Worldwide the PS4 is doing even better. There is no such thing as they are selling almost equally. The PS4 is easily leading on sales everywhere.

      • dirkradke

        I stand by what I said 3 weeks ago and nothing much has changed here on planet Earth.

  • Johnny

    I smell BS, did you notice that the PR person didn’t have a name. Nice try dumb ass. Oh yeah there available everywhere that would explain the ridiculous prices there being sold for on ebay don’t it. This site is so full of shit the author should be ashamed.

    • First off, I never said that they were available everywhere, just that they were available in that store. Which was documented. People sell shit for ridiculous prices on Ebay and Amazon even if they’re in stock. Second, you should be ashamed for getting so hot over an article that stated both consoles are doing well and have sold over 2 million units. I simply quoted senior PR staff that was on-site during the event. Settle down and go play the console of your choice.

      • Johnny

        No sorry but you just lied to all your readers period. It is best buy policy not to talk about sales end of story no senior pr or any pr person would be dumb enough to talk about it. So I suppose this person had a name?

  • Johnny

    Btw emails are going to be sent out really soon to so if you’re smart I would pull this down.