Asteroid Soccer 2014 Ouya Review

Asteroid Soccer 2014 Review

On the surface Asteroid Soccer 2014 is a game that takes soccer and asteroids and puts them together for a fun random game to play if you and your friends are bored. The fun doesn’t last long because essentially it feels bland after a few matches after the novelty wears off quickly.

The main concept is that in the year 2014 a new sport rises in the world and that is asteroid soccer. Players take their spaceships and run into giant balls in order to score. I love the idea but there’s so much more that could’ve been done with the game that would’ve made it worthwhile. Such as a back story as to how the sport came to be, at the very least.

The gameplay felt a little stale as you and up to 4 players battle it out to score goals. Players use their blasters along with bombs to score. It controls just like an asteroid game which feels nice to the touch as you speed out of control trying to hit the ball. Overall there’s not enough variety in the game for it to be entertaining for more than a half hour.

Asteroid Soccer 2014 Review

The graphics are simple; none of which really blew me away. Asteroid Soccer 2014 features fully interactive menus. It’s cool to shoot at your menu options to select them and to run collide with text and watch it react. It’s a nice little touch. The frame rate maintained a steady 60fps and the particle effects were appealing enough. Ultimately the graphics are very bare bones, even for an indie title.

The sound in the game is alright with classical music playing during each match. I feel like the music doesn’t fit with the atmosphere of the game. Also there are similar sound effects of the ships from the coin-op Asteroids game. Overall the sound is passable but it’s nothing to be too excited about.

Asteroid Soccer 2014 Review

Sadly there is no plot to speak of, but for the future; a career could be in place for a plot or something that has to give the player progression and incentive to care about the game. The title has little staying power aside from the seldom couch party.

Overall it’s hard to recommend Asteroid Soccer 2014 on the Ouya unless you have a constant stream of friends willing to play with you. I did engage in same-screen multiplayer with a friend. After about five games he’d had enough; there just wasn’t enough variety to keep either of us interested. Asteroid Soccer 2014 lacks variety. Only a small amount of game types and ships are available. And there’s no progression to give the player any incentive to return. I would at the very least try the game out for free and see what you think of it first. After all, the Ouya affords you the freedom to do so.

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