Watch Out For An Email From Xbox Live (Free Xbox Monies)


The “Xbox Live Rewards Squad” seems to be emailing select Xbox gamers with an offer they can’t refuse. The body text offers 2,000 Xbox Live Rewards Credits ($19.99?) just for signing up for Bing Rewards.

We’re always trying to find additional ways for our members to earn rewards. Here’s a quick way to score an easy 2,000 Xbox Live Rewards Credits. This is an exclusive limited-time offer, sent only to select Xbox Live Rewards members.


Interested? All you have to do is sign up for Bing Rewards by December 22, 2013, and we’ll drop cold cash into your Xbox Live Rewards account. It’s that simple.


What’s more, along with the sign-up bonus, you can earn over $5 in Xbox Gift cards every month by searching with Bing Rewards.


So, what are you waiting for? Get going and get rewarded!



Xbox Live Rewards Squad

The lesson here? Watch out for an email from the XBL Squad! If you’re already a Bing Rewards member, it seems you’re out of luck here. It’s also not clear if this is straight Xbox Store currency to the tune of $19.99, or if this is 2,000 points for redemption within the Bing Rewards program. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification.

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  • Name

    2000 REWARD points are worth $2.

    • james wesley

      yea cuz i was about to cash in my 8000 points if 2000 was 19.99 lol

  • Dennis Crosby

    Yea Microsoft did this before when they first started Xbox rewards they gave every one 200msp for join and using Bing and get crazy rewards just for searching every day

  • Convergence87

    bing sucks just let it die