Swiss Retailer World Of Games Confirms Further Xbox One Launch Delay


One of Switzerland’s largest game retailers, World of Games has updated their delivery information for the Xbox One console with this statement (via google translate)

Important: According to Microsoft, the One to shipment of the Xbox in different countries has been postponed (namely Switzerland) due to adjustments to the XBL marketplace indefinitely. Due to various discussions, we expect that the delivery of this country will probably not take place before Easter. An even longer wait time is also not ruled out ..

This seemingly confirms earlier reports from Game Reactor that tier two countries (those not included in the initial launch of Xbox One) are going to be experiencing an indefinite delay. The consensus is that Microsoft is likely focusing their manufacturing efforts in the U.S. where they’ve been successful thus far. Considering they’ve sold more than two million units since the Xbox One launched, it may not be a stretch that they’d continue pushing units to North America and the rest of the initial launch territories.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to either confirm or deny the information found at World of Games.

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Dylan Zellmer

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