Cliff Bleszinksi’s New Game “Silverstreak” To Be PC-Only Arena Shooter


During a recent podcast, Cliffy B dropped several details about his upcoming IP (Silverstreak). Namely that it will be a PC-only Arena FPS. He also mentioned that he’s still on good terms with the team at Epic, but can’t elaborate any further (UE4?). The designer also stated he’s ready to get back in the game proper and start his own studio. He’s looking to utilize Unreal Engine 4 technology for his new IP and would like to return to his roots for the project.

He also spoke very highly of the Oculus Rift VR headset, possibly teasing support for the device. By reading between the lines, the project may be Kickstarter bound.

Source: DeathSquad Podcast (audio only)

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Dylan Zellmer

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