The Walking Dead Season Two Premieres On Xbox 360 Next Week

TWD Season Two Premiere Release Date Announced

Telltale Games have confirmed the release date of The Walking Dead Season Two. Episode One: All That Remains hits XBLA on December 18th. If you’re interested in picking up the first episode for a test run, you can grab it for $4.99, or if you’re dead set on playing the entire season, you can throw down the full $19.99 for the season pass.

It’s important to note that Season One of The Walking Dead will be on sale for Xbox 360 gamers from December 17-23. A discount of 66% will be applied to each episode, putting the purchase price at about $1.66 per episode.

A while back the PC release date was posted on Steam, it remains December 17th, a day prior to the Xbox 360 release. No date has been confirmed for PlayStation 3 as of yet.

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