H-Hour: World’s Elite Screenshots Leak

H-Hour World's Elite

Back on July 7th, David Sears’ spiritual successor to the Socom franchise, H-Hour: World’s Elite funded via Kickstarter. Since then he’s and his team have been hard at work o a demo that will be used to garner additional funding for the game. If you’re unfamiliar, the title is slated to release on PC and PS4 sometime in 2015. The screenshots are of a pre-alpha build and feature the iconic feel of the Socom franchise.

The title is designed to resurrect squad-based, third person shooter gameplay. Sof Studios brought in David Sears to help create a definitive hardcore, team based shooter in the spirit of Socom. The new screenshots are located above and below the text.

H-Hour World's Elite

Source: NeoGAF

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  • Vertical

    Lets get this going!! Looking great keep up the good work.. We Really appreciate your team making this game. I will get it for sure.

  • Sofs Cobalt

    Leaking these assets only hurts the progress from the studio and the
    people who are making the game. Not to mention the folks who financially
    backed the project to get access to those images. <))MR.COBALT))

    • st66ts

      I don’t really see how this hurts progress. I backed the project and I’m not particularly offended or disappointed that people who didn’t back it get to see them.

      • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

        Glad you think so. I missed out on the opportunity to back the project by a couple months and only then heard about the ongoing project through a friend. It’s typically difficult for me to be aware of the games in development that I’d be interested out of the numerous, besides those of the big-name developers and publishers. But I am a massive fan of the SOCOM franchise ever since the first, even playing the PSP FTB ones quite extensively.

        You could imagine my disappointment finding very little beyond some basic gameplay information on their official website and forums. And it stayed that way for months of checking in regularly, expectantly waiting for something the peasants who didn’t yet pay could see. I am extremely grateful for any images that are leaked and can only look forward to the game more upon seeing them.

        I can imagine that this may be taken poorly with those who backed the Kickstarter be it as betrayal or degraded exclusivity, but I can hardly agree that this can damage the developers having worked in the “games industry” myself. Had a member of the team under strict NDA released WIP media unseen to any public eyes, it would be another matter entirely. The developers should not be releasing material that is damning to their project even to customers who have already invested in the assumption of progress being completed.

        For now, the worst it can be is trivial. But the best it can be is sweet, sweet gratification on an old fan’s eyes.

  • Tobie Moss

    yessss socom lives, there better be a crossroads redo