Rumor: VGX Indie Game Reveal Is Likely Cliff Bleszinski’s Silverstreak


If you’ve been following the waterfall of information Geoff Keighley has been parlaying about the 2013 VGX show, you probably heard that Ready At Dawn wasn’t able to “make-weight” as it were. The studio was scheduled to show new footage of The Order: 1886 at the show, but they weren’t able to put the finishing touches on the footage in time.

Earlier today Keighley announced that the first ever indie title would be announced at VGX. It was later confirmed that Double Fine would be showing world premiere footage of Broken Age at the event. I was curious to know if the studio was planning on making a game announcement as well, so I reached out for comment. I spoke to Greg Rice of Double Fine and he let me know, “All we’re talking about tomorrow is Broken Age stuff and I can’t speak to unannounced stuff quite yet.”


So what other high-profile indie studio, or person, has something that may be ready to finally show tomorrow? Why former Epic Games alumni Cliff Bleszinski of course! He’s been teasing his project currently known as Silverstreak for a while with a few “cropped” images. He and Keighley exchanged a few words earlier this week, and Bleszinski mentioned he’d have a last-minute addition if there was time.

So it looks like we’ll finally get a good look at what Cliffy B has been up to since leaving Epic and taking on a life of Twitter trolling. From the limited amount of images we’ve seen. Silverstreak looks to be set in a post-cataclysmic setting. I say cataclysm instead of apocalyptic due to the fact that the environment looks ravaged by a natural disaster rather than something man-made. If I’m right, VGX just got a definite new game reveal, which is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • bigshynepo

    I’m getting sick of people throwing around the word “indie” with regards to gaming. Indie games are Greenlight games, Indie games are self published games by a tiny (read: few person) team.

    That’s why I feel Double Fine is beyond the “indie” classification and whatever Cliffy B is working on, surely is the result of a development studio (as he’s mentioned he’s starting one) so I don’t know if this can be designated “indie” either.

    Hate me if you want, I’m just saying.

    • I’ll rarely hate anyone for an opinion. Fact is that “indies” are mainstream now. They’re having them at the VGA(X) for gods sake. Indie pretty much means you don’t have a publisher nowadays. And whatever Cliffy’s working on hasn’t been attached to one as of yet.

      • bigshynepo

        That’s cool, it just feels like the word has lost it’s meaning. I’ve always believed it’s referred to a game that isn’t attached to a publisher as well but now that major gaming personalities are jumping on the “indie” bandwagon (like Tim and Cliff), I think “self-published” is actually a better term.

        I look at one or two man development teams, releasing a self-published game for download only as the ones responsible for the true “indie” games.

        Once a team is 5, 10, 15 people, it’s a development team releasing a self published game with higher production, financial and manpower commitments and just doesn’t have the hallmark of a true “indie” game in my opinion.

        I didn’t intend for my comment to be targeted at you, the author, at all actually. It was more just an observational comment but I’m sorry if it came off targeted. I do appreciate the exchange, Cheers 🙂

  • Guest

    Why did Cliffy B ever even both releasing that screenshot? It’s all pixelated in the top left and overall just looks dated. Hopefully whatever he’s working on is worthwhile.

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