New Titanfall Teaser Hammond Robotics Offers New Story Details


Futuristic arms manufacturer, Hammond Robotics, is now open for business. It seems the cutting-edge arms dealer will be supplying the necessary armaments to platoons deployed in Titanfall. If you have nothing to do, why not call their newly opened customer service line at 1(888)-888-4826. If you, like me can’t stand waiting, you’ll be treated to a well recorded voice-over that presumably offers some information about the little-known back story behind Titanfall. A few key phrases throughout the short recording provide clues about some of the weapons and structure of the online ecosystem. Below are the three key phrases that the message provides and what we think they might ultimately mean:

“We’re bringing the future home with top of the line sub-orbital targeting systems” This is most likely referring to the deployment of the Titan suits. As we’ve been told, and seen, in the past; Titans are deployed from orbiting drop ships at player request. Another interpretation could be some kind of orbital attack that relies on user input.

“Ask your sales associate about our ammunition buy back programs” In most FPS games, ammunition is only picked up when it’s for your specific weapon type. Having an ammo buy back system in place could indicate that players will be constantly stockpiling ammo from the deceased. Therefore being able to sell your surplus shells back to Hammond for in-game currency. This will presumably afford the purchase of ammo for your preferred weapon, upgrades (possibly), and maybe even character customization pieces.

“Newly deployed military personnel hardware now ships with anti-hacking defense packs that allow your field teams to recover any hacked system. Get your platoon back in the fight today.” This final bit just sounds like a grounded explanation for infinitely spawning weapons and Titans, but it’s refreshing that a developer has put some actual thought into a widely accepted practice.


The message tapers off with a promise for more from Hammond Robotics this Saturday, December 7th at VGX. How accurate or inaccurate are we with our estimation of the situation? How do I know this is connected to Titanfall? It’s simple, the newly created Twitter account is following one person; Respawn Entertainment. One of the high profile followers of Hammond Robotics? GTTV’s Geoff Keighley.

Titanfall will release March 11th on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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