Xbox One Outsells PS4 During Black Friday Craze

Black Friday Console Sales

Black Friday was good to the Xbox One. According to retail sales tracker InfoScout, Microsoft‘s next-gen console posted strong numbers. A sampling of 83,000 sales receipts from retailers Target and Walmart showed the Xbox One with a 31% stake, the highest of any home console. Xbox 360 sales came in second with a 30% share. Likely due to the outrageous discounts most retailers offered on the hardware.

That means Microsoft held a dominant 61% share of all Black Friday console sales. Both PlayStation 3 and PS4 took home a respectable 15% ┬ápurse. With Nintendo‘s Wii U limping in at 6%. The lackluster PS4 sales are likely due to the fact that the console has a long pre-purchase waiting line. Meaning it’s not going to be readily available for in-store purchase for some time. GameStop recently commented that an astounding 2.3 million gamers are on the waiting list for PS4 hardware.

If you’re a new Xbox One owner, or want to get a feel for what to pick up this holiday, check out some of our recent reviews. Our day one NBA 2K14 and Ryse: Son of Rome reviews should help you decide whether or not to make them part of your library early on.

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  • OC Guy

    I like both systems but I do not think they will last as long as the last gen. The new systems will last five, six years tops before new consoles are launched. For one, neither MS or Sony are losing money with the new systems they are brining out so there is nothing to make up. With the 360 and PS3 both companies were loosing hundreds right off the bat with each system sold… The technology in the ONE and PS4 is three year old tech. When 360 and PS3 came out the tech was still somewhat new and cutting edge. By the third gen of games for the ONE and PS4 they will be looking thoroughly outclassed by PC and MS and Sony will need to look toward new systems to please gamers. Also, 4k TV will be accessible to the average consumer in about 4 years. Neither the ONE or PS4 will be able to do games justice on 4k screens. So, by Christmas 2018 their will most likely be all new Xboxes and PS’s… I would think Nintendo brings out a new system by 2016 maybe sooner