Naughty Dog Is Developing A Cooperative Mode In An Upcoming Game


Naughty Dog is on a hiring spree. They’ve been snatching up high-level talent from all over the industry. The first notable addition to the team was Halo 4 programmer, Corrinne Yu. Drew Thaler just Tweeted that he’d be joining the Naughty Dog ranks in a week’s time, and it looks like there’s plenty more open positions at the studio for the time being.

All of the new faces could mean the studio is trying something new with an upcoming title. Whether or not its Uncharted PS4 remains to be seen. We do know one thing for sure. There’s going to be a cooperative mode in one of the studio’s future releases. Which is a departure from their usual single player/multiplayer MO. It’s clear that the cooperative mode is happening due to the fact that the studio is hiring specifically for it. An open position for a Co-Op game designer gives some clues as to what’s coming. Naughty Dog is looking to create an innovative cooperative experience. Here’s some of the caveats from the listing:

  • Co-op AI & encounter design – designing and¬†scripting co-op combat encounters,
    AI behavior design, and difficulty balancing
  • Co-op system design – creating mechanics, game¬†modes, progression systems,
    reward structures, social features, etc. to serve the co-op experience. Creating
    and iterating gameplay designs with the team, and working in script to implement
    and/or tune them
  • A strong passion to innovate in the area of co-op design
  • Strong understanding of co-op gameplay mechanics

An emphasis on experience with playing and developing 3rd person actions games is also mentioned. If you’re saying to yourself, “they’re talking about multiplayer.” No. They aren’t. There’s a separate listing for multiplayer. In light of this revelation, are we looking at the prospect of cooperative missions wherein Nathan Drake and Sully are playable? Or are we looking at a brand new protagonist, game design, and modes for Uncharted PS4? Even more notably, are we looking at a cooperative The Last of Us game with Joel and Ellie being playable simultaneously?

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  • Kamille

    Uncharted 2 and 3 have great co-op for side-missions, horde mode and even a co-op competitive mode.

    • The way this is described sounds like there’s going to be a proper storyline or much more for the Co-Op portion. I have no idea what “innovating in the area of co-op design” is, but I’m interested.

      • jakdripr

        Yea if they’re thinking about building a campaign from the ground up with co-op in mind I’m definitely interested. If it’s something like pandora tomorrow(or was it chaos theory)’s co-op campaign sign me up.

  • co-op game?
    then i’ve won!
    co-op games are sick (if done right)

  • AliMakaveli

    About effing time!!! Co-opers from all 4 nations have been asking demanding if you will) since the creation of Uncharted DF!!

  • AliMakaveli

    If Naughty dog could hire me for the “Ideas Department” that’d be great.

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