Expect A Double Dose Of Telltale In The Final Week Of December


We know that part two of The Wolf Among Us titled Smoke and Mirrors is scheduled for release in the month of December. Yesterday Telltale also confirmed that The Walking Dead Season Two would hit before the end of the year. If you take a look at the studio’s many recent releases you’ll notice a mostly consistent release window. Three of the five episodes in The Walking Dead Season One released in the final week of their respective month, with episode 5 coming on the 20th of December. Back to the Future came on December 22nd, and Poker Night 2 arrived on the 24th of April.

Two notable inconsistencies were episode 4 of The Walking Dead, which released October 9th, 2012 and The Wolf Among Us: Faith hit October 11th, 2013. The studio has to be firing on all cylinders to deliver both titles in the month of December, so it’s likely they’ll hit the December 2013 deadline by a slim margin.

We’ll let you know the official release dates as we become aware. Telltale is notorious for keeping the lion’s share of the press in the dark until the last possible minute, but we’ll relay that information when we’re able. This is, of course, speculation. An educated guess at best, so don’t take it as gospel by any means. But we have heard internal rumblings that the final week of December is definitely in the cards.

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Dylan Zellmer

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