Air Conflicts: Vietnam PC Review

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Review

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is an action “simulation” from Games Farm and bitComposer Games. It’s been described as a “fast-paced and explosive aerial combat” simulator, but will this game be on target or will it crash and burn? I came into the game with some pretty lofty expectations, and unfortunately it falls flat. From the controls, graphics and the gameplay there is really nothing that hasn’t been done before.

The controls for Air Conflicts: Vietnam aren’t that hard to get used to, which is nice for a newcomer, however for a simulation I would expect more from them. They just seemed to lack any sort of simulation feel. In order to execute a barrel roll you had to hit a special button, if I want to barrel roll I would like to be able to do so, on my own. The movement of the aircraft in the game was very limited, and for a game that bills itself as a simulation it just doesn’t make sense. Roll was limited and to execute a full roll you had to once again, input a specific command. About the only thing I liked about the controls was the lock on ability for the machine guns, there was however a caveat to this as I learned a few missions in. The lock on feature of the machine guns was nice for air-to-air combat. I did however; find myself very frustrated with this as I was piloting a helicopter. I was trying to destroy an enemy village with many different targets. As I was hovering over the village trying to destroy the last building the auto lock kept moving on me, and even when it locked on to my final target it wouldn’t hit it. I wasted almost 2,000 bullets on this tiny building and it wasn’t until I practically landed in front of it that I was able to hit it. I was very let down with the gameplay.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Review

The graphics, sadly, were another let down. The jets were not very detailed at all and there were hardly any movements of the flight controls as you moved the jet. Even running at max resolution (1440p for me) and the graphics maxed out the game looked like something from 2004. The cut scenes were about as bad as I have ever seen in a game. Poorly animated and flat-out boring to watch. Even as bad as the graphics were I noticed many peaks and valleys in my FPS, this game didn’t seem very demanding in the graphics department, but yet I would sometimes only manage 40 FPS. This seems to me like a very inefficient graphics engine. I did however manage a respectable 1500 FPS during the cut scenes!!!

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Review

The gameplay itself was boring and the missions were repetitive. Everything that I liked about the gameplay had heavy caveats. On bombing runs you were able to switch to a bombing camera, which I thought was cool, however the operation of that bomb camera was clunky and not very fun. When you dropped a bomb or shot a missile you had the option to follow that missile or bomb to its destination, but when it got there the explosions were so underwhelming that it wasn’t worth it to watch them. About the only thing about this game that I liked was being the gunner in the helicopter, even then how much of a “simulation” was it at that point to have the games AI fly you around as you mow down stationary soldiers shooting at you.

I was really hoping that this game would be enjoyable, as it is right up my alley, but I just couldn’t get past all the negatives. There really isn’t anything about this game that I can give a positive mark to. The graphics were terrible, the controls were clunky and the gameplay was meh. Unless there is a drastic price drop, I cannot suggest that you spend your money on this game.

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