PSN Buckles Under The Weight Of The PS4 EU Launch

PSN Down Due To PS4 EU Launch

As to be expected, the PSN is once again down for many users. The PS4 Europe launch has crippled the service in the same manner as the U.S. launch. The team is fully aware of the issues and is working on a fix. The Ask PlayStation Twitter account cites that “some” users are experiencing difficulties logging into the service due to heavy traffic and that PlayStation is investigating.

Since the PS4 launch, PSN has been as inconsistent as ever. Which begs the question of what our mandatory PS+ subscription fees (if we want to play online) are going towards. Dedicated multiplayer servers are a must in online gaming, but not being able to purchase, demo, or download games due to the PSN being down is continually inconvenient for early adopters.

On a side note, I have yet to experience any connection issues with Xbox Live since picking up the Xbox One on launch day.

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Dylan Zellmer

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