Don’t Forget To Put State Of Decay: Breakdown In Your Black Friday Cart


If you’re out Black Friday shopping at some point today (odds are you are), you’re probably standing around with a large horde of shambling, grunting corpses. Since you can’t reel off and just start busting heads at Target, you’ll have to hold all of that hostility in. Don’t worry, there’s good news afoot. When you get home you’ll have access to an awesome Black Friday value from the comfort of your own home. State of Decay: Breakdown is available today for the low low price of $7 on Xbox 360 and PC. Once downloaded you can bludgeon, slice, and shoot all the shambling corpses you’d like for all of eternity!


We had the privilege of reeling off hours of game time on Breakdown prior to its release. Here’s our hot off he video press review!


If you have yet to enjoy the base State of Decay game, check out our review here. You won’t be on the fence much longer. Now go enjoy the apocalypse!

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Dylan Zellmer

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