New Consumer Purchase Intent Polls Show PS4 Well Ahead Of Xbox One


A new pair of consumer purchase intent polls show a staggering gap between PS4 and Xbox One. Keep in mind these surveys sample “casual” or “mainstream” purchase intent. The core gamer doesn’t usually take part in these surveys due to the fact they’re more informed than the public at large. First up we have a Nielsen survey that shows 30% of gamers definitely plan to purchase the PS4, and 22% say the same about the Xbox One.

According to Parks Associates the number is one percent higher in favor of PS4. The second survey resulted in 36% of gamers being partial to PS4 and 27% leaning towards Xbox One. Both surveys put PS4 40% ahead in the eyes of consumers that intend to buy a next-gen console.

When you take into consideration that the Xbox One and PS4 will sell millions of units over their lifespan, 40% is a huge fissure between the two camps. A 40% lead translates into 4 PS4’s for every ten sold, 40 for every hundred, and 400,000 for every million. In short, the tentative information in these two surveys suggest the PS4 will sell 1.4M units for every 1M Xbox One consoles sold.

There are several reasons that may contribute to the difference. The $100 price difference is likely a large factor. It’s also worth noting that even casual gamers may have been disenchanted by the early Xbox One campaign. Things have changed considerably since then, but less informed gamers may not be fully aware of that fact.

These numbers don’t judge the long-term success of these two consoles, but they’re a great indication of what’s probable this holiday season.

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