Cerny And Suzuki May Reveal Shenmue III At GDC 2014

Shenmue III Trademarked By Sega

UPDATE: The trademark was proven a fake. God damnit. Still, there’s a good amount of speculation as to why the lead architect of the PS4 would attend GDC to translate a Postmortem discussion.

ORIGINAL STORY: Just yesterday news broke that Mark Cerny would be translating a GDC 2014 post-mortem Shenmue discussion lead by Yu Suzuki. Many questioned the reasoning behind PS4 system architect Cerny being on-hand for translation purposes. The logical explanation lies in the fact that the two are old friends. The simple explanation made sense at first, but things have a way of changing.

Yesterday Sega filed for a Shenmue III trademark. Making the possibility of an incoming announcement much more likely. Cerny taking part in the GDC discussion has become all the more suspect overnight. Recent chatter from SCEA’s Adam Boyes only inflates the argument.

We very much look forward to any new information regarding Shenmue III, and its a distinct possibility we’ll hear more in March when Cerny and Suzuki hit the GDC stage. Are Suzuki and Cerny poised to reveal Shenmue III to the world at GDC 2014?

Shenmue III Trademarked By Sega
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  • KuchikiSentou

    My dream collabo: Suzuki Yu and David Cage.

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    Move on guys. Nothing to see here.