Post-Mortem Shenmue Discussion To Be Held At GDC 2014


Famous Japanese game designer, Yu Suzuki will be at GDC 2014. Suzuki, best known for his work at Sega, particularly with the iconic Dreamcast title Shenmue, will hold a Classic Game Postmortem at GDC 2014. PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny will be on hand to translate Suzuki’s presentation into English for the audience.

Suzuki, currently president of his own studio YsNet, will talk about the creation of the Dreamcast era classic Shenmue. Notably how the game began as a Virtua Fighter-based RPG on the Sega Saturn. He’ll include the audience in the long journey of the game that culminated in its 1999 release on Sega Dreamcast.

This hour-long discussion is sure to be a popular session at the show. With all the speculation over a new Shenmue installment, will we see a PS4 Shenmue megaton drop during the session!?

Source: GDC News

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