A Bulk PSN Change Password Notification Has Been Deployed


PS4 and PS Vita users are reporting that a bulk email is making the rounds prompting a change of PSN password. There’s been no word from Sony as of yet concerning the nature of the reset. It’s completely possible that this is being done as a precaution, but it seems as though the entire community hasn’t received the notifcation. Reports suggest that users are being asked to change passwords on the PS4 and PS Vita platforms themselves.

This is either very good news, or possibly very bad news. If only a portion of the PSN community was contacted via email to change their passwords, that could indicate some sort of phishing scam. Being prompted on the device itself means the request is actually coming fom Sony, but to what end?

We’ve reached out to Sony for some clarification on the matter and will update if we receive further info.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Victor Melendez

    I actually received a notice when I went to check my profile on my PS4. Thought something was odd that I didn’t automatically log into my PSN account. Resetting through the playstation requires you two confirm your sign-in email and date of birth. Once you submit, you will receive an email to that account from Sony with a redirect link requesting your new password word twice – – the second as confirmation. The small problem that I had was that I didn’t have access to the email in which I had set up my account under. If you have this same dilemma, you’ll need to contact Sony to have them change the email associated to your account.

    • Great to hear everything worked out on your end. Too bad you had to call Sony, I bet the wait wasn’t short…

  • Killa-CraZ-Clown

    After I updated my password and loved back in I kept getting a Apr message that wouldn’t let me play on line or accessa lot of My profile info. I turned the PS4 off for a while and now it works.

    • Glad to hear it ended up working out!

  • kreator

    Not this all over again?! So the PSN has been hacked again???

  • Guest

    PoS NOTwork hacked again. I’m not surprised as some dude at PS3hax was talking about doing it for quite some time.

    • Losyak

      Ain’t you clever…

  • spideynut71

    PSN hacked again…