Black Tusk Studios May Be Using Frostbite Or Unreal Engine 4 On New Xbox IP


Thus far we’ve basically seen a thirty-second teaser trailer letting us know that Black Tusk Studios is developing a new first party IP for Xbox One. And that’s all that was needed to get the industry whipped into a frenzy. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about what Black Tusk is working on, and we still haven’t heard anything new, but we do know one thing; the game is still in its infancy. The studio is hiring a large amount of staff to ramp up production at this time. And not just QA testers. Their gunning for a lead writer, senior online engineer, lead environment artist, senior producer, and more. With these spots vacant it’s easy to deduce that development hasn’t hit full swing as of yet.


Within the descriptions of the positions it was discovered that Black Tusk is looking for the lead environment artist to have experience with the Unity, Frostbite, and Unreal engines. This is simply speculation as the end of the bullet point reads “experience a plus”, but if they’re ideally looking for someone who’s worked with the tech in the past, there’s a good chance the studio is using it for their game.

The description for the lead writer starts off nicely with,We are looking for a seasoned storyteller who can help us bring Microsoft’s next big IP to life. This individual will help us develop the characters, story arc, emotional tone, pacing, dialogue, and flavor of a story that will shape the spirit of this new franchise.” Later in the listing it’s mentioned that Black Tusk is looking for a writer that’s ideally been involved in TV, film, and games in the past.

These small details are starting to paint a picture. It looks like it’ll be a while before we get a good look at what Black Tusk has been up to, but it looks like the title may be more narrative driven than expected if they’re looking for a seasoned TV, film, and video game storyteller. From the brief teaser the title looks to be espionage-related, and possibly set in the near future. We’ll keep our ear to the ground for more on what Black Tusk is up to in the future.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    The only way they can possibly have access to Frostbite is if that was part of Microsoft’s 3rd party exclusive content deal with EA, which I highly doubt and may just mean that engine is mentioned only because of its similarities to Unreal Engine. As for when we’ll see the game, probably E3 2015 is my best guess, unless the game development of art assets and code is well along then we may get a reveal E3 2014. Also I know this seems like a long shot but I have a theory: Ubisoft hasn’t disclosed the fate of R6: Patriots, and only said they’re working on it. Black Tusk Studios’ game looked remarkably similar to the art and game play of R6: Patriots, and Ubisoft is doing exclusive Xbox One content for The Division. So what if R6: Patriots was recycled and now Ubisoft is doing an exclusive partnership with Black Tusk Studios on the game, and they’re making progress. Think about it: the game wasn’t given a name this year or a year of release, like the new Halo was, and Ubisoft didn’t give a name for it or a elapsed time for when we would hear more. It all fits together-it’s all in the details. I will be psyched if I am right about this, but for now of course this is just me speculating on the possibilities of this game and what Ubisoft has under the hood, so feel free to share your thoughts and whether info from either company already debunks my theory. We’ll have to wait until VGX, or even later, to hear more to find out.

  • Joel

    hope its unreal, although it seems nexgen consoles are too weak for unreal 4