Xbox One Owner Finds A Surprise In His Day One Console


There are tons of weird crap that happens when a new console launches. PS4 had red lights and blinking blue lights. The Xbox One has some reported, and documented disk drive failures, but this really takes the cake; mostly because of how hilarious it is. We always wonder how the console manufacturers approve the hardware before packing it up in the retail case. I’d always known units were tested for defects etc. But now we have actual documentation of a “confidential” stress test disc.

A lucky gamer found the Microsoft MTE Test Disc still in the disc drive when he booted up his Xbox One for the first time. The disc is used to test the unit before it’s shipped. The software itself won’t actually run unless it’s hooked up to another test device. A device that only Microsoft has access to. This may win the prize for “funniest thing ever found in a console at launch”. If you have something better, let us know.

Source: Reddit

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